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Stim Lidayn Injection Local Anaesthetic - 1 : 80000 (In Stock. Swift Dispatch.)

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Stim Lidayn Injection Local Anaesthetic - 1 : 80000 (In Stock. Swift Dispatch.)



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12 x 30g Vials

Description: Local anesthetic injections, including those with the brand name "Stim Lidayn," are medications used by healthcare professionals to induce a reversible loss of sensation in a specific area of the body. These injections are commonly used in various medical and dental procedures to numb a specific region, providing pain relief during minor surgeries, dental work, or other interventions.

Key Features:

  1. Local Anesthetic Agent: These injections typically contain a local anesthetic agent, which is a substance that blocks nerve signals in the area where it is injected, leading to temporary numbness.

  2. Precision in Anesthesia: Local anesthetic injections are administered with precision to the targeted area where pain relief is required. They are commonly used for dental procedures, minor surgeries, and certain medical interventions.

  3. Temporary Effects: The effects of local anesthetics are temporary, allowing healthcare professionals to perform procedures with minimal discomfort to the patient.


  1. Pain Relief: Local anesthetic injections provide effective pain relief during various medical and dental procedures.

  2. Precision and Control: Healthcare professionals can control the dosage and placement of the local anesthetic, ensuring precision in anesthesia and minimizing the risk of systemic effects.

  3. Short Recovery Time: Since local anesthetics have a temporary effect, patients typically recover relatively quickly after the procedure.

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