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Slaney Arthroscopy Knee Drape - Disposable 240cm x 300cm

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Slaney Arthroscopy Knee Drape - Disposable 240cm x 300cm


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240cm x 300cm

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1 x Drape

Key Features:

  1. Sterile Barrier Protection: The Slaney Arthroscopy Knee Drape establishes an impenetrable sterile barrier, adhering to the highest standards of infection control. Its material composition provides a reliable defense against microbial ingress, safeguarding the integrity of the surgical site.

  2. Precision Fenestration for Knee Arthroscopy: Engineered with a focus on procedural nuances, this drape features precision fenestration designed specifically for knee arthroscopy. The strategic placement of fenestrations allows for unobstructed access while maintaining a sterile field throughout the procedure.

  3. Disposable and Environmentally Friendly: Designed for single-use, the disposable nature of the drape not only eliminates the risk of cross-contamination but also aligns with environmental sustainability practices. The responsible disposal of the drape after use minimizes the ecological footprint associated with medical waste.

  4. Adhesive Technology for Secure Fit: The drape incorporates advanced adhesive technology, ensuring a secure and reliable fit throughout the arthroscopic procedure. This feature not only contributes to the ease of use but also enhances the overall efficiency of the surgical team.


  1. Infection Prevention and Control: The sterile barrier properties of the Slaney Arthroscopy Knee Drape significantly reduce the risk of surgical site infections, promoting optimal patient outcomes and recovery.

  2. Procedural Precision: Tailored with precision fenestration, the drape facilitates unobstructed access during knee arthroscopy, allowing surgeons to execute procedures with meticulous precision and accuracy.

  3. Convenience and Efficiency: The disposable nature of the drape eliminates the need for reprocessing, streamlining the workflow and reducing the burden on healthcare facilities. This contributes to enhanced efficiency and time management in the operating room.

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