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SISCO Right Angle Artery Forceps 10Inch

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SISCO Right Angle Artery Forceps 10Inch


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1 x Forceps

Description: Introducing the SISCO Right Angle Artery Forceps, an instrumental addition to surgical precision for medical professionals engaged in intricate vascular procedures. Meticulously designed by SISCO, these forceps offer a critical tool for managing vascular structures with utmost accuracy and control. Crafted to meet the highest standards of surgical excellence, these forceps stand as a testament to the intersection of cutting-edge technology and medical expertise.

Key Features:

  1. Optimal Angular Design: The Right Angle Artery Forceps feature an optimal angular design, allowing surgeons to navigate complex anatomies with precision. This design is essential for accessing challenging vascular locations and facilitates efficient manipulation during procedures.

  2. Non-Reflective Finish: The forceps are coated with a non-reflective finish, minimizing glare under surgical lighting. This feature ensures optimal visibility during procedures, reducing eye strain for surgeons and promoting focused, accurate maneuvers.

  3. Quantitative Clamping Pressure: Engineered with a quantitative clamping pressure mechanism, these forceps enable surgeons to exert specific pressures on arteries. This precision is crucial for avoiding tissue damage and optimizing the efficacy of vascular interventions.

  4. Ergonomic Finger Rings: The forceps are equipped with ergonomic finger rings, enhancing surgeon comfort during extended procedures. The design allows for a secure grip, reducing hand fatigue and promoting precise control over the instrument.


  • Enhanced Surgical Precision: The optimal angular design and non-reflective finish contribute to enhanced surgical precision, particularly in intricate vascular procedures. Surgeons can confidently navigate anatomical challenges, ensuring superior outcomes.

  • Minimized Tissue Trauma: The quantitative clamping pressure mechanism allows surgeons to exert the right amount of force, minimizing tissue trauma during vascular interventions. This feature promotes patient safety and contributes to faster recovery times.

  • Improved Surgeon Comfort: The ergonomic finger rings enhance surgeon comfort, facilitating a secure grip and reducing hand fatigue. This design consideration ensures that surgeons can maintain focus and control throughout lengthy vascular procedures.

Sold by The South India Surgical Co & fulfilled byMedikabazaar