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SDI Stae Refill Bonding Agent

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SDI Stae Refill Bonding Agent



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1 x Bonding Agent

Description: SDI Stae Refill Bonding Agent stands as a testament to advanced adhesive technology, offering dental practitioners a reliable and efficient solution for establishing durable bonds between dental restorations and tooth structures. Developed by SDI, a pioneer in dental materials, this bonding agent ensures optimal adhesion, contributing to the success and longevity of various restorative procedures.

Key Features:

  1. Advanced Adhesive Formulation: Stae Bonding Agent features an advanced adhesive formulation, promoting strong and reliable bonding between dental restorations and enamel or dentin surfaces. This ensures a durable connection that withstands the forces encountered in the oral environment.

  2. Dual-Cure Capability: The bonding agent offers dual-cure capability, allowing for flexibility in application. It can be light-cured for efficient chairside use, and in situations where light access is limited, the material continues to cure through a self-cure mechanism, ensuring complete polymerization.

  3. Reduced Postoperative Sensitivity: Stae Bonding Agent includes components designed to minimize postoperative sensitivity. This feature enhances patient comfort following restorative procedures, contributing to a positive overall experience.

  4. Low Film Thickness: With a low film thickness, the bonding agent ensures that the final restoration fits accurately without compromising marginal integrity. This characteristic is crucial for achieving precise and aesthetically pleasing results in restorative dentistry.


  1. Reliable Adhesion: The advanced adhesive formulation of Stae Bonding Agent provides reliable and long-lasting adhesion, ensuring the success of various restorative procedures, including direct and indirect restorations.

  2. Versatility in Application: The dual-cure capability allows for versatility in application, accommodating different clinical scenarios. Whether in well-lit areas for light-curing or in regions with limited light access, practitioners can confidently apply Stae Bonding Agent.

  3. Enhanced Patient Comfort: The formulation's focus on reducing postoperative sensitivity enhances patient comfort, promoting positive experiences with restorative treatments. This is particularly important for patient satisfaction and compliance with follow-up appointments.

  4. Precision in Restoration Placement: The low film thickness ensures that the bonding agent does not interfere with the fit of the final restoration. This precision is essential for achieving tight margins and a seamless integration of restorations with surrounding tooth structures.

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