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SafeEndo ReGlass LC Cavity Liner - 2.5gm

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SafeEndo ReGlass LC Cavity Liner - 2.5gm



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2.5gm Syringe ReGlass – Lc

Description: SafeEndo ReGlass LC Cavity Liner is a state-of-the-art light-cured dental material meticulously designed to serve as an exceptional cavity liner in restorative dentistry. Engineered with precision, this innovative liner combines advanced technology with bioactive components, contributing to effective cavity sealing and pulpal protection.

Key Features:

  1. Light-Cured Technology: SafeEndo ReGlass LC employs cutting-edge light-cured technology, ensuring controlled and efficient polymerization. This feature facilitates rapid curing, enabling precise placement of the liner and reducing chairside time.

  2. Bioactive Glass Composition: The liner is enriched with a bioactive glass composition known for its biocompatibility and ability to stimulate mineralization. This bioactivity supports dentin remineralization, creating an environment conducive to pulpal health.

  3. Radiopacity for Clarity: SafeEndo ReGlass LC is radiopaque, providing clear visibility on radiographs. This radiopacity enhances the ability of practitioners to assess the liner's placement accuracy and depth within the tooth structure.

  4. Low Solubility: The liner demonstrates low solubility, contributing to its long-term stability within the tooth. This characteristic ensures a durable protective barrier, minimizing the risk of microleakage and supporting the longevity of restorations.

  5. Versatile Clinical Applications: SafeEndo ReGlass LC Cavity Liner exhibits versatility and is suitable for various clinical applications, including direct and indirect pulp capping. Its adaptability enhances its utility in a range of restorative dentistry procedures.


  1. Efficient Polymerization: The application of light-cured technology ensures efficient polymerization, allowing for controlled and rapid curing. This feature enhances precision during liner placement and streamlines the chairside procedure.

  2. Bioactive Dentin Support: The incorporation of a bioactive glass composition supports dentin remineralization and creates a bioactive environment. This contributes to pulpal health, making it an advantageous choice for applications involving direct and indirect pulp capping.

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