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Saeshin X-Cube Implant Engine Implant Motor

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Saeshin X-Cube Implant Engine Implant Motor



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HSN: 90189021

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1 x Implant Motor

Description: The Saeshin X-Cube Implant Engine sets a new standard in precision and efficiency for dental implant procedures. Meticulously engineered for clinical excellence, this implant motor integrates cutting-edge technology to enhance the surgical experience for dental professionals.

Key Features:

  1. Optimized Torque and RPM Control: The Saeshin X-Cube boasts an advanced torque and RPM control system, allowing for unparalleled precision during implantation. This feature ensures optimal force application, reducing the risk of microfractures and promoting implant stability.

  2. Intelligent Feedback Mechanism: Equipped with a real-time feedback mechanism, this implant motor continuously monitors parameters such as temperature and pressure, providing instant feedback to the practitioner. This facilitates proactive decision-making during surgery, ensuring patient safety and procedural success.

  3. Customizable Preset Programs: The X-Cube offers a range of customizable preset programs, allowing practitioners to tailor settings based on specific implant systems and patient requirements. This adaptability streamlines the workflow and promotes a patient-centric approach to treatment planning.


  1. Enhanced Procedural Accuracy: With precise torque and RPM control, the X-Cube minimizes the margin of error, contributing to enhanced procedural accuracy. This is particularly crucial in complex implant cases where precision is paramount.

  2. Efficient Workflow Integration: The implant motor's intelligent feedback mechanism and customizable presets seamlessly integrate into the practitioner's workflow, optimizing efficiency and reducing procedural time. This is pivotal in maintaining a productive clinical environment.

  3. Patient Safety Assurance: The real-time feedback system not only enhances precision but also contributes to patient safety by preventing overheating and minimizing the risk of complications. This assurance is vital for clinicians aiming for excellence in patient care.

The surgical BLDC motorjustifies the
incorporation of high technology into the implant engine. The speed control of the motor ranges between 600 – 50,000 rpm while offering strong torque values. Absence of noise and vibration during procedures enhances the precision and concentration during dental surgery. The control box has an LCD display with a simple use interface. 10 kinds of gear ratio settings are possible with the control box. 10 memory programs can be set for speed, torque, operation direction and the water

The BLDC motor designed by Saeshin’s high technology provides Optimum Torque during
surgery. Speeds between 18 – 1562 rpm are recommended or optimum use of
the implant engine. The available gear ratios are - 1:5, 1:4, 1:2, 1:1,
16:1, 20:1, 27:1, 32:1. 64:1, 256:1. The ergonomically designed foot control pedal can be used to control all the functions of the implant engine during surgery. It greatly enhances the convenience of the clinician.
X Cube implant engine has an
automatic overload protection function, which in 3 seconds automatically stops the motor, if the load on the bur is higher than the
set torque. To release the overload function the clinician can step on the foot control pedal.

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Country of OriginSouth Korea
Brushless MotorWith Brushless Motor
Auto-calibrationWith Auto-calibration
Warranty1 year
Product NameSaeshin X-Cube Implant Engine Implant Motor
TypeImplant Motor