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Procare Step Stool - Double SN0681

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Procare Step Stool - Double SN0681


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The Procare Double Foot Step, meticulously designed for medical professionals, exemplifies precision engineering and ergonomic excellence in hospital furniture. Crafted to elevate clinical efficiency, this foot step is an indispensable tool for doctors in various healthcare settings. Built with a focus on durability and functionality, it seamlessly integrates into the demanding workflow of medical practitioners.

Key Features:

  • Robust Construction with Anti-Skid Surface: Engineered with a heavy-duty frame, the Procare Double Foot Step ensures stability and durability. The anti-skid surface provides secure footing, minimizing the risk of slips and ensuring the safety of doctors during clinical procedures.
  • Dual-Level Design for Versatility: The double-tiered design allows for two levels of elevation, providing doctors with versatile access to elevated surfaces. This is particularly beneficial during examinations, surgeries, and various medical interventions where varying heights are required.
  • Non-Clinical Noise Levels: The foot step is designed to operate with minimal noise levels, creating a conducive and non-disruptive environment in clinical settings. This feature is crucial for maintaining a focused and calm atmosphere during patient interactions.
  • Easy-Glide Casters for Mobility: Equipped with easy-glide casters, the foot step can be effortlessly moved to different locations within the medical facility. This feature ensures that doctors can position the foot step precisely where it is needed, contributing to an efficient workflow.


  • Enhanced Accessibility: The dual-level design enhances accessibility to elevated surfaces, allowing doctors to navigate medical spaces with ease. This is particularly advantageous during intricate procedures, promoting a more seamless and efficient workflow.
  • Safety and Stability: The robust construction and anti-skid surface prioritize the safety and stability of doctors. This is essential in clinical environments where precision and confidence in foot placement are critical for medical practitioners.
  • Versatility in Use: The double-tiered design caters to the diverse needs of medical professionals, providing a versatile platform for examinations, diagnostic procedures, and interventions. Doctors can rely on this foot step for its adaptability in various clinical scenarios.
  • Optimized Clinical Environment: The foot step's non-clinical noise levels contribute to an optimized clinical environment. By minimizing disruptive sounds, it fosters a focused and serene atmosphere, crucial for concentration during medical examinations and treatments.

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