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Prevest DenPro Actino Gel Etchant - Intro Pack

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Prevest DenPro Actino Gel Etchant - Intro Pack



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1 x 5ml Syringe 10 Applicator Tips


Prevest DenPro Actino Gel Etchant is an essential dental product designed to enhance dental treatments, especially in restorative and orthodontic procedures. Manufactured by Prevest DenPro, a respected name in the dental industry, Actino Gel Etchant plays a crucial role in preparing teeth for various applications, ensuring optimal adhesion and bonding. With its exceptional features and ease of use, this etchant is a valuable addition to any dental practice, aiding in diagnostics, treatment planning, and patient education.

Key Features:

High-Quality Etchant: Actino Gel Etchant is formulated using high-quality materials to ensure efficient and consistent performance. The superior quality of the product guarantees the reliability and success of dental procedures.

Phosphoric Acid-Based: This etchant is phosphoric acid-based, making it highly effective for etching enamel and dentin. Phosphoric acid is a well-established choice in dental etchants due to its proven ability to create microretentive surface patterns for reliable bonding.

Strong Etching Capability: Actino Gel Etchant provides strong etching capabilities, promoting the creation of a microscopically rough surface on tooth enamel and dentin, which is essential for optimal adhesive bonding.

Precise Application: The etchant is designed for precise application, allowing dental professionals to control the extent and location of etching for specific clinical requirements.

Quick Reaction Time: Actino Gel Etchant has a rapid reaction time, ensuring that the etching process is completed efficiently, saving valuable chair time for both clinicians and patients.

Reduced Post-Operative Sensitivity: The etchant's reliable and consistent performance minimizes the risk of post-operative sensitivity in patients, ensuring their comfort and satisfaction following dental procedures.

Versatile Use: This etchant is suitable for a wide range of dental applications, including etching enamel for bonding orthodontic brackets and preparing the tooth surface for composite resin restorations.

Autoclave Compatibility: Actino Gel Etchant is autoclavable, meeting stringent infection control requirements and enhancing overall patient safety.

Optimal Consistency: The etchant maintains its optimal consistency for an extended period, ensuring that it remains effective and reliable throughout its shelf life.

Convenient Dispensing: Actino Gel Etchant is available in easy-to-use dispenser bottles that facilitate precise application and minimize waste.

Compliance: Prevest DenPro adheres to industry standards and regulations in the manufacture of dental materials, ensuring that dental professionals can rely on the quality, precision, and safety of their products.

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