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Polymed Suction Catheter Standard Connector 10FG Pack of 100 20013

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Polymed Suction Catheter Standard Connector 10FG Pack of 100 20013


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100 x Catheters

Description: Polymed Suction Catheter stands as an epitome of innovation in consumable medical devices, meticulously designed to meet the discerning needs of medical professionals. Engineered with precision and drawing on insights from leading research, this catheter is a critical tool for effective airway management. Crafted from biocompatible materials, its design is in accordance with industry benchmarks, ensuring optimal performance and patient safety.

Key Features:

  • Multi-Eye Design: The catheter incorporates a multi-eye design for enhanced suction efficiency. This feature, informed by clinical studies, ensures thorough removal of secretions, contributing to improved patient respiratory outcomes.
  • Soft and Flexible Material: Utilizing advanced materials with an optimal durometer, the Polymed Suction Catheter strikes a balance between flexibility and rigidity. This design consideration facilitates ease of insertion and maneuverability within the airway, minimizing patient discomfort.
  • Graduated Length Markings: Precise measurement is paramount in airway management. The catheter features graduated length markings, enabling doctors to gauge insertion depth accurately, a crucial factor in preventing complications associated with incorrect placement.
  • ISO Compliance: Aligned with international standards, the Polymed Suction Catheter undergoes rigorous testing to ensure conformity to ISO specifications. This commitment to quality and safety provides doctors with confidence in the catheter's reliability and performance.


  • Efficient Secretion Removal: The multi-eye design enhances suction efficiency, ensuring thorough secretion removal and maintaining optimal airway clearance for patients.
  • Patient Comfort: The catheter's soft and flexible material, coupled with meticulous design, prioritizes patient comfort during suction procedures, minimizing the risk of trauma or irritation.
  • Accurate Insertion: Graduated length markings empower doctors to achieve precise insertion depth, reducing the likelihood of complications and enhancing the overall safety of airway management procedures.
  • Reliable Performance: Adhering to ISO standards, the Polymed Suction Catheter delivers reliable performance, instilling confidence in medical professionals and contributing to successful airway interventions.

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