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Polymed Polyseal Under Water Seal Drainage System Kid 500mL 90340

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Polymed Polyseal Under Water Seal Drainage System Kid 500mL 90340


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1 x Drainage System

Description: Introducing the Polymed Polyseal Underwater Seal Drainage System, an indispensable tool for pleural drainage in cardio-thoracic procedures.

Key Features:

  1. Pleural Drainage Compatibility: Specifically designed for pleural drainage in conjunction with chest drainage catheters, the Polymed Polyseal Underwater Seal Drainage System provides optimal support for cardio-thoracic procedures.

  2. Double Chamber Design: The Polyseal adult variant features a double chamber compact unit with a generous capacity of 2000 ml.

  3. Clearly Marked Initial Water Level: The drainage system is equipped with a clearly marked initial water level indicator, ensuring proper setup of the underwater seal. This feature enhances procedural accuracy and reduces the risk of complications by maintaining the integrity of the drainage system.

  4. Easy-to-Read Graduations: Clear and easy-to-read graduations marked on the bottle facilitate accurate determination of the amount of fluid collection over time. Healthcare providers can monitor drainage volume closely, allowing for timely intervention and adjustment of treatment plans as needed.

  5. Writing Facility on the Scale: The drainage system includes a writing facility on the side of the scale, enabling healthcare providers to record and monitor drain volume conveniently. This feature enhances documentation accuracy and facilitates comprehensive patient care management.


  • Optimized Pleural Drainage: The Polymed Polyseal Underwater Seal Drainage System offers efficient and reliable pleural drainage support, ensuring effective fluid evacuation and promoting patient comfort during cardio-thoracic procedures.

  • Enhanced Procedural Accuracy: With clearly marked initial water level indicators and easy-to-read graduations, healthcare providers can set up the drainage system accurately and monitor fluid collection with precision, reducing the risk of complications and optimizing patient outcomes.

  • Convenient Monitoring: The inclusion of a writing facility on the scale enables healthcare providers to track drain volume conveniently, facilitating comprehensive patient care management and documentation accuracy throughout the treatment process.

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