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Polymed Polyneo Adva IV Cannula 24G Pack of 100

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Polymed Polyneo Adva IV Cannula 24G Pack of 100


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100 x IV Cannulae


Polymed Polyneo Adva IV Cannula is a high-performance intravenous cannula meticulously designed to meet the demanding needs of modern healthcare. This single-use device is tailored for easy insertion and optimal flow, making it ideal for intravenous therapy in neonatal and pediatric patients. Its special tapered and kink-resistant FEP radiopaque catheter ensures precision and reliability, while the biocompatible materials offer extended indwelling time and patient comfort. The advanced features of this cannula, such as flexible wings for secure fixation and an injection port with a non-return silicone valve, enhance both the clinician's and patient's experience.

Key Features:

  • Tapered FEP Radiopaque Catheter: Specially designed for easy insertion and optimal flow rates, the kink-resistant catheter is also radiopaque for improved visibility under imaging.
  • Flexible Wings: These provide easy and secure fixation, ensuring stability during use and reducing the risk of dislodgement.
  • Biocompatible Materials: Manufactured from rigorously tested biocompatible materials, the cannula offers longer indwelling times with minimized risk of adverse reactions.
  • Rounded Needle Hub Grip: A rounded grip on the needle hub provides better support and control during insertion, enhancing precision.
  • Injection Port: Equipped with a non-return silicone valve for safe and efficient intermittent medication administration.
  • Transparent Flashback Chamber: Allows for immediate visualization of venous entry, ensuring accurate placement and reducing insertion attempts.


  • Enhanced Insertion Precision: The tapered, kink-resistant FEP catheter and rounded needle hub grip ensure smooth and accurate insertion, minimizing patient discomfort and complications.
  • Secure Fixation: Flexible wings facilitate easy and secure fixation, providing stability and reducing the likelihood of cannula dislodgement during treatment.
  • Extended Use: Biocompatible materials allow for longer indwelling times, ensuring patient safety and reducing the need for frequent cannula replacements.
  • Improved Medication Delivery: The injection port with a non-return silicone valve enables safe, intermittent medication delivery without the risk of backflow.
  • Accurate Visualization: The transparent flashback chamber ensures immediate and accurate visualization of blood return, confirming successful venous access on the first attempt.
  • Versatile Application: Designed for neonatal and pediatric use, the cannula's advanced features make it suitable for a wide range of clinical situations, enhancing its versatility and utility in healthcare settings.

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