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Polymed Neonovo Adva IV Cannula 26G Pack of 100

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Polymed Neonovo Adva IV Cannula 26G Pack of 100


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1 x 100 IV Cannulas


The Polymed Neonovo Adva IV Cannula stands as a hallmark of innovation and reliability in intravenous therapy, designed to meet the diverse needs of healthcare professionals and patients alike.

Key Features:

  1. Special Tapered & Kink-Resistant Catheter: Featuring a specially tapered and kink-resistant FEP radiopaque catheter, the Neonovo Adva IV Cannula ensures effortless insertion while maintaining optimal flow rates. This advanced design minimizes the risk of catheter-related complications, promoting patient safety and procedural efficiency.

  2. Flexible Wings for Secure Fixation: Equipped with flexible wings (except in Polywin & Polypen variants), the cannula provides easy and secure fixation, minimizing the risk of dislodgement or migration post-insertion.

  3. Biocompatible Materials for Extended Indwelling Time: Manufactured from tested biocompatible materials, the Neonovo Adva IV Cannula offers a longer indwelling time, minimizing the frequency of catheter replacement and reducing patient discomfort.

  4. Rounded Grip on Needle Hub: The cannula features a rounded grip on the needle hub, providing better support and control during insertion procedures.

  5. Injection Port with Non-Return Silicon Valve: Equipped with an injection port featuring a non-return silicon valve, the cannula allows for intermittent medication administration with enhanced safety and precision.

  6. Transparent Flashback Chamber: Enhancing procedural visibility and confidence, the cannula is equipped with a transparent flashback chamber.

  7. Option for PUR Catheter: For specialized clinical needs, an option is available with a PUR (polyurethane) catheter, offering additional flexibility and durability in vascular access. This variant caters to specific patient requirements and clinical preferences, ensuring optimal therapy delivery in diverse healthcare settings.


  • Enhanced Patient Comfort: The Neonovo Adva IV Cannula prioritizes patient comfort with its tapered, kink-resistant catheter and flexible wing design, minimizing trauma during insertion and promoting stable fixation throughout therapy.

  • Reliable and Secure Fixation: With its flexible wings and rounded needle hub grip, the cannula provides secure and stable fixation, reducing the risk of dislodgement and enhancing patient safety during infusion therapy.

  • Longer Indwelling Time: Manufactured from biocompatible materials, the cannula offers extended indwelling time.

  • Versatile Medication Administration: The inclusion of an injection port with a non-return silicon valve allows for intermittent medication administration with precision and safety.

  • Procedural Confidence: The transparent flashback chamber and ergonomic design features empower healthcare providers with enhanced procedural visibility and confidence.

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