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Polymed Haemochek Serum Blood Collection Tube - 4ml Pack of 100

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Polymed Haemochek Serum Blood Collection Tube - 4ml Pack of 100



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1x Pack of 100 Tubes

Description: The Polymed Haemochek Serum Blood Collection Tube, available in a convenient pack of 100, is a reliable and efficient solution for serum blood collection in medical and diagnostic settings. Engineered with precision, these tubes facilitate accurate sample collection and preservation for a range of diagnostic applications.

Key Features:

  1. Optimized Serum Collection: The Haemochek tubes are designed to optimize serum collection, ensuring the integrity of blood samples for diagnostic testing. This feature is crucial for obtaining reliable and accurate results in various clinical analyses.

  2. Appropriate Size: With a 4ml capacity, these tubes strike a balance between accommodating an adequate blood volume for testing while minimizing the impact on the patient. The size is well-suited for diverse diagnostic procedures and facilitates ease of handling.

  3. Quality Construction: Crafted with high-quality materials, the tubes offer durability and resilience during blood collection and processing. The construction is designed to prevent sample contamination and maintain the stability of collected serum.

  4. Secure Cap Closure: The tubes feature a secure cap closure mechanism, preventing any leakage or compromise in sample quality during transportation or storage. This ensures the integrity of the collected serum until it reaches the laboratory.


  1. Reliable Diagnostic Results: The optimized design of Haemochek tubes ensures the reliable collection of serum, contributing to accurate diagnostic results. This reliability is essential for healthcare professionals and laboratories performing various clinical analyses.

  2. Convenience and Efficiency: The 4ml size strikes a balance between sample volume and patient comfort, providing healthcare professionals with a convenient tool for efficient blood collection. This is particularly beneficial in high-throughput diagnostic settings.

  3. Sample Integrity: The quality construction and secure cap closure prevent sample contamination, ensuring the stability and integrity of collected serum during transportation and storage. This is critical for maintaining the accuracy of diagnostic tests.

  4. Cost-Effective Pack: Packaged in a set of 100, the tubes offer a cost-effective solution for healthcare facilities with ongoing diagnostic requirements. This bulk packaging ensures a readily available supply for routine and specialized testing.

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