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Pluski Safe 2 with wings and Injection Port IV Cannula - 18G Pack of 100

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Pluski Safe 2 with wings and Injection Port IV Cannula - 18G Pack of 100


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1 x 100 IV Cannula

Description: The Pluski Safe 2 Safety IV Cannula is a cutting-edge medical device designed for intravenous administration, featuring an injection port and wings for secure placement. This pack comprises 100 individually packaged cannulas, each equipped with advanced features to ensure safe and efficient intravenous therapy.

Key Features:

  1. Intravenous Access: Precision-engineered for establishing intravenous access, allowing for the administration of fluids, medications, and blood products.

  2. Injection Port: The integrated injection port facilitates the convenient administration of additional medications or fluids without the need for needle reinsertion.

  3. Safety Mechanism (Safe 2 Safety): Incorporates a state-of-the-art safety mechanism to enhance user and patient safety during cannula removal.

  4. Wings for Secure Placement: The wings provide a stable platform for secure and easy insertion, enhancing the stability of the cannula during placement.

  5. 18G Size: The cannulas are 18G in size, offering a balance between flow rate and insertion ease, suitable for various medical applications.

  6. Pack of 100 Pieces: Conveniently packed in sets of 100, this pack ensures an ample supply of cannulas for medical facilities, clinics, or situations requiring multiple intravenous procedures.

  7. Individually Packaged: Each cannula is individually packaged to maintain sterility, ensuring aseptic conditions during the preparation and placement process.


  1. Advanced Safety Features: The Safe 2 Safety mechanism enhances safety during cannula removal, minimizing the risk of accidental needlestick injuries.

  2. Efficient Medication Administration: The integrated injection port streamlines the administration of medications or additional fluids, enhancing the efficiency of intravenous therapy.

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