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Novabone Dental Putty Mini Cartridge Bone Graft - 0.25cc x 4

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Novabone Dental Putty Mini Cartridge Bone Graft - 0.25cc x 4



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0.25 x 4

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4 x 0.25cc Cartridges

Description: Novabone Dental Putty Mini Cartridge Bone Graft is an innovative and clinically proven bone grafting material designed for dental procedures requiring precise and moldable augmentation. This putty, housed in a convenient mini cartridge, offers dental practitioners a reliable solution for promoting bone regeneration in various oral surgery applications.

Key Features:

  1. Osteoconductive Matrix: Novabone Dental Putty features an osteoconductive matrix that supports the formation of new bone tissue. The matrix mimics the natural structure of bone, providing a scaffold for cell proliferation and promoting effective bone regeneration.

  2. Bioactive Components: The putty contains bioactive components that enhance the graft's integration with the surrounding bone tissue. This bioactivity stimulates the host cells, fostering a favorable environment for accelerated bone healing.

  3. Moldable Consistency: The putty's moldable consistency allows for easy adaptation to the surgical site, ensuring intimate contact with the bone defect. This feature facilitates precise placement and graft contouring, promoting optimal bone regeneration.

  4. Biocompatible Composition: Novabone Dental Putty is composed of biocompatible materials that minimize the risk of adverse reactions. This enhances patient safety and promotes overall well-tolerance of the grafting material.

  5. Mini Cartridge Delivery: The mini cartridge packaging provides a convenient and controlled delivery system. This allows for accurate placement of the putty during surgical procedures, improving procedural efficiency.


  1. Enhanced Bone Regeneration: The osteoconductive matrix and bioactive components in Novabone Dental Putty work synergistically to enhance bone regeneration. This results in improved outcomes for patients undergoing bone grafting procedures.

  2. Precise Adaptation: The moldable consistency of the putty enables precise adaptation to the surgical site, ensuring comprehensive coverage of the bone defect. This contributes to the success of the grafting procedure.

  3. Accelerated Healing: The bioactive components contribute to an environment that accelerates the healing process. This accelerates bone formation, leading to faster recovery and improved postoperative outcomes.

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