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Newtech UneCath Femoral Catheter - Single Lumen 14G x 14cm Pack of 25

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Newtech UneCath Femoral Catheter - Single Lumen 14G x 14cm Pack of 25


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Single Lumen


7FR x 14cm

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Pack of 25



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HSN: 90183910

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1 x 25 Catheters

Description: Introducing the Newtech UneCath Femoral Catheter, a cutting-edge medical device meticulously crafted to address the intricate needs of clinicians performing femoral artery catheterizations. Engineered with precision and guided by the latest advancements in medical research, UneCath sets a new standard for safety, reliability, and procedural success in vascular interventions.

Key Features:

  1. Radiopaque Marker Technology: UneCath incorporates advanced radiopaque markers for unparalleled visibility under fluoroscopy, allowing precise catheter tip placement. Clinicians benefit from enhanced guidance during complex femoral artery interventions, reducing the risk of complications.

  2. Hydrophilic Coating: The catheter features a hydrophilic coating, promoting smooth navigation through the vascular system. This innovative design minimizes friction and enhances maneuverability, reducing the potential for vessel trauma during catheter insertion and advancement.

  3. Multi-Layer Construction: UneCath is built with a multi-layer construction that balances flexibility and stability. This design provides optimal pushability, torqueability, and kink resistance, ensuring reliable performance in various anatomical scenarios.

  4. Distal Catheter Tip Flexibility: Designed with a flexible distal tip, UneCath adapts to the natural curvature of vessels, facilitating ease of navigation. This feature is particularly advantageous in femoral interventions, where anatomical variations demand adaptability for procedural success.


  1. Precision in Fluoroscopy: The integration of radiopaque marker technology enables clinicians to precisely visualize and position the catheter tip during fluoroscopic guidance, enhancing accuracy and reducing the need for repeated imaging.

  2. Reduced Trauma Risk: The hydrophilic coating promotes a smoother catheterization process, minimizing friction within the vascular system. This reduces the risk of vessel trauma, contributing to improved patient safety during femoral artery interventions.

  3. Reliable Performance: UneCath's multi-layer construction ensures a harmonious balance of flexibility and stability, providing clinicians with a catheter that reliably navigates through the vasculature while maintaining resistance to kinking.

  4. Adaptability in Femoral Interventions: The distal catheter tip's flexibility allows UneCath to adapt to the unique anatomical features of femoral arteries. This adaptability enhances procedural success in a variety of patient cases.

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Country of OriginIndia
TypeSingle Lumen
Size7FR x 14cm
Pack SizePack of 25