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Nasmed K2 EDTA Vacuum Blood Collection Tube - 2ml  Pack of 100 Tubes (NVK22)

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Nasmed K2 EDTA Vacuum Blood Collection Tube - 2ml Pack of 100 Tubes (NVK22)



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Pack of 100 Tubes

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1x100 Tubes

Introducing the Nasmed K2 EDTA Vacuum Blood Collection Tubes, a fundamental tool for healthcare professionals and clinical laboratories. This pack of 100 tubes is designed to simplify and enhance the blood collection process, ensuring the delivery of high-quality samples for a wide range of diagnostic tests.

Streamlined Blood Collection: The Nasmed K2 EDTA Vacuum Blood Collection Tubes, with their 2ml capacity, are expertly crafted to streamline the blood collection procedure. This ample volume allows for the collection of sufficient blood for various diagnostic assessments, making them versatile and suitable for a wide range of applications.

Sample Preservation: These tubes feature K2 EDTA as an anticoagulant, a crucial component that ensures the preservation of sample integrity. K2 EDTA effectively prevents coagulation, allowing for accurate and reliable test results. This is particularly vital in laboratories where precision is of the utmost importance.

Advanced Vacuum Technology: Nasmed employs state-of-the-art vacuum technology in the design of these collection tubes. The vacuum aids in drawing blood effortlessly into the tube, reducing the risk of hemolysis
(rupturing of red blood cells) and ensuring a smooth and efficient collection process. This feature contributes to sample consistency and quality.

User-Friendly Design: Nasmed places a strong emphasis on user convenience. The color-coded tops of these tubes simplify and expedite the identification process, facilitating efficient workflow in busy healthcare environments. Moreover, these tubes are compatible with standard blood collection systems, ensuring seamless integration into existing practices.

Quality Assurance and Safety: Nasmed upholds stringent quality and safety standards in the manufacturing of these tubes. Each tube is individually sterile and comes with a securely sealed cap, minimizing the risk of contamination and ensuring sample purity.

Versatility in Application: The Nasmed K2 EDTA Vacuum Blood Collection Tubes find application across a broad spectrum of diagnostic tests, making them indispensable tools in clinical laboratories, hospitals, and medical facilities. They are suitable for hematology, immunology, and various other diagnostic assays, making them a versatile choice for healthcare professionals.

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