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Nadig Diagnostics CRP Turbi Latex Biochemistry Reagent - 1 x 50ml

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Nadig Diagnostics CRP Turbi Latex Biochemistry Reagent - 1 x 50ml


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1 x 50ml

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1 x 40ml R1-Diluent, 1 x 10ml R2-Latex, 1 x Calibrator

Key Features:

  1. Quantitative Precision: The CRP Turbi Latex Biochemistry Reagent is engineered to deliver quantitative precision in CRP measurements, setting a new standard in accuracy. Its advanced formulation ensures that medical professionals can rely on consistent and reliable results for informed clinical decision-making.

  2. High Sensitivity: Recognizing the diagnostic significance of CRP levels in various medical conditions, this reagent offers high sensitivity, enabling the detection of subtle changes in CRP concentrations. This is particularly crucial for monitoring inflammatory processes and guiding treatment strategies.

  3. Automated Platform Compatibility: Designed to seamlessly integrate into automated diagnostic platforms, this reagent enhances laboratory efficiency. Its compatibility with modern diagnostic workflows ensures a streamlined process from sample analysis to result reporting, minimizing manual intervention.

  4. Reduced Sample Interference: The CRP Turbi Latex Biochemistry Reagent is formulated to minimize interference from substances that may affect CRP measurements. This reduction in interference contributes to the accuracy of CRP assessments, providing clinicians with reliable data.

  5. Extended Shelf Life: Stability is a hallmark of this reagent, maintaining performance integrity over an extended shelf life. Laboratories can trust that the reagent will consistently deliver reliable results, optimizing resource management and reducing the frequency of reagent replacement.


  1. Precision in CRP Assessment: Medical professionals can rely on the CRP Turbi Latex Biochemistry Reagent for precise and accurate CRP assessments. The high level of precision contributes to the reliability of CRP measurements, aiding in the diagnosis and monitoring of inflammatory conditions.

  2. Early Detection of Inflammation: The reagent's high sensitivity enables the early detection of changes in CRP levels, allowing for timely intervention in inflammatory processes. This early detection is crucial for effective patient management and treatment planning.

  3. Enhanced Laboratory Efficiency: Compatibility with automated platforms streamlines laboratory processes, reducing the time and labor involved in CRP testing. This efficiency allows healthcare professionals to focus on interpreting results and providing optimal patient care.

  4. Confidence in Diagnostic Accuracy: The reduced interference from substances ensures that CRP measurements are not compromised, providing clinicians with confidence in the accuracy of diagnostic results. This is particularly significant for conditions where CRP serves as a key biomarker.

  5. Cost-Effective Solution: The 50ml format of the reagent offers a cost-effective solution for laboratories with varying testing frequencies. This flexibility allows healthcare institutions to manage resources efficiently without compromising on diagnostic precision.

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