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2 x  Nadig Diagnostics Alkaline Phosphate Biochemistry Reagent - 2x25ml

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2 x Nadig Diagnostics Alkaline Phosphate Biochemistry Reagent - 2x25ml


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2 x 25ml R1-ALP Mono Reagent

Key Features:

  1. Advanced Enzymatic Reaction Mechanism: The Nadig Diagnostics Alkaline Phosphate Biochemistry Reagent employs an advanced enzymatic reaction mechanism. This method, grounded in enzymatic processes, ensures unparalleled specificity and sensitivity in alkaline phosphate detection.

  2. Optimized for Clinical Accuracy: Engineered for clinical accuracy, this reagent offers doctors a diagnostic tool that excels in the precise measurement of alkaline phosphate levels. The optimization of the enzymatic process enhances the reliability of results across a range of clinical scenarios.

  3. Customized Sample Volumes: Recognizing the diverse nature of diagnostic samples, Nadig Diagnostics allows for customized sample volumes. This flexibility enables doctors to tailor the analysis to specific patient conditions, ensuring optimal diagnostic performance.

  4. Rapid Reaction Time: The Alkaline Phosphate Biochemistry Reagent is designed for a rapid reaction time, providing doctors with timely results. This characteristic is particularly crucial in time-sensitive clinical situations where quick decision-making is imperative.

  5. Wide Dynamic Range: With a wide dynamic range, this reagent accommodates a spectrum of alkaline phosphate concentrations. From basal levels to elevated readings, doctors can confidently utilize this diagnostic tool for comprehensive patient assessments.


  1. Precision in Alkaline Phosphate Measurement: The advanced enzymatic reaction mechanism ensures precision in alkaline phosphate measurement. Doctors can trust the accuracy of results, facilitating confident clinical decision-making.

  2. Clinical Versatility: Tailored for clinical accuracy, the reagent's flexibility in accommodating customized sample volumes enhances its clinical versatility. This adaptability ensures optimal performance across diverse patient conditions.

  3. Timely Diagnostic Insights: The rapid reaction time of the reagent provides doctors with timely diagnostic insights. In situations where quick results are crucial, this characteristic contributes to efficient patient management.

  4. Comprehensive Patient Assessments: The wide dynamic range enables comprehensive patient assessments, allowing doctors to utilize the reagent across a spectrum of alkaline phosphate concentrations. This versatility is pivotal in managing patients with varying clinical profiles.

  5. Efficiency in Laboratory Workflow: Nadig Diagnostics prioritizes efficiency in laboratory workflows. The Alkaline Phosphate Biochemistry Reagent, with its optimized enzymatic process and rapid reaction time, contributes to streamlined diagnostic processes, benefitting both doctors and laboratory personnel.

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