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MTC Pen Torch Brass Body Yellow LED Light

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MTC Pen Torch Brass Body Yellow LED Light



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HSN: 90189099

What is in the box

1 x Pen Torch

Key Features:

  1. Pen Torch Design:

    • The pen torch is a compact and handheld device designed in the form of a pen, making it easy for healthcare professionals to carry and use during medical examinations.
  2. Brass Body:

    • The brass body construction provides durability and a sturdy build to withstand regular use in clinical settings.
  3. Yellow LED Light:

    • The yellow LED light is specifically chosen for its ability to provide a clear and focused illumination during examinations. Different colors of light may be used for specific medical assessments.
  4. Pocket Clip:

    • Many pen torches feature a pocket clip, allowing healthcare professionals to easily secure the tool to their uniform or pocket for quick access.
  5. Momentary On/Off Switch:

    • The pen torch typically has a momentary on/off switch that allows the user to activate the light as needed during examinations.
  6. Pupil Examination:

    • Pen torches are commonly used for pupil examination by healthcare professionals, including doctors and nurses. The focused light helps assess pupil reactions to light stimuli.
  7. General Physical Examinations:

    • The pen torch may also be used for general physical examinations, such as examining the throat or assessing the translucency of body tissues.


  1. Portability:

    • The compact and lightweight design makes the pen torch highly portable, allowing healthcare professionals to carry it with them for on-the-go assessments.
  2. Focused Illumination:

    • The focused illumination provided by the yellow LED light is suitable for specific medical assessments, such as checking pupil responses or examining small areas of the body.

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Country of OriginIndia
Colouryellow light