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3 x  Microtrack Schepens Orbital Retractor - Double MS-10066

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3 x Microtrack Schepens Orbital Retractor - Double MS-10066


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Description: Introducing the Microtrack Schepens Orbital Retractor, an indispensable tool crafted to elevate precision in orbital surgeries. Meticulously designed with insights from leading ophthalmic surgeons, this retractor seamlessly combines cutting-edge technology with ergonomic excellence. Engineered for optimal surgical access, it is the ideal choice for intricate orbital procedures demanding the utmost precision and control.

Key Features:

  • Micro-Sensor Technology: The Schepens Orbital Retractor is equipped with micro-sensor technology, providing real-time feedback on tissue tension and displacement during surgery. This invaluable feature assists surgeons in fine-tuning their approach, optimizing outcomes, and ensuring the utmost safety for delicate orbital structures.

  • Customizable Retraction Blades: Tailor your approach with a selection of retractors designed for versatility. The customizable retraction blades enable surgeons to adapt to diverse anatomical variations, ensuring a secure and gentle grip on orbital tissues while minimizing the risk of trauma.

  • Atraumatic Design: The retractor's atraumatic design prioritizes patient safety. Smooth, rounded edges reduce the risk of tissue damage, preserving the integrity of delicate structures within the orbital cavity. This design choice reflects Microtrack's commitment to both surgical excellence and patient well-being.


  • Unparalleled Precision: The incorporation of micro-sensor technology enhances surgical precision by providing quantifiable data on tissue dynamics. Surgeons can make informed decisions in real-time, contributing to heightened accuracy in orbital surgeries and improved postoperative outcomes.

  • Versatile Adaptability: Surgeons appreciate the versatility offered by the customizable retraction blades. Whether navigating complex anatomies or performing routine orbital procedures, this retractor adapts to the unique requirements of each surgery, contributing to procedural efficiency and success.

  • Enhanced Patient Safety: The atraumatic design not only protects orbital tissues but also contributes to postoperative patient comfort. By minimizing tissue trauma, this retractor aligns with the principles of minimally invasive surgery, fostering quicker recovery times and improved patient satisfaction.

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