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3 x  Microtrack Pierse Type Fine Forceps - No.18, 0.3mm Tip MS-43047

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3 x Microtrack Pierse Type Fine Forceps - No.18, 0.3mm Tip MS-43047


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No. 18 (0.3mm Tip)

No. 19 (0.2mm Tip)

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1 x Instrument

Description: Elevate your precision in surgical procedures with the Microtrack Pierse Type Fine Forceps, a meticulously designed instrument tailored to the exacting standards of the medical profession. Crafted to meet the nuanced demands of surgical interventions, these forceps seamlessly integrate advanced technology for optimal performance. Delve into a world of surgical finesse with the Microtrack Pierse Type Fine Forceps, a testament to cutting-edge design and unwavering functionality.

Key Features:

  • Ultra-Fine Tips: The forceps feature ultra-fine tips, allowing for unparalleled precision in grasping and manipulating delicate tissues. This design is especially advantageous in intricate procedures where precision is paramount.

  • Microtextured Grip: Enhancing control during surgery, the forceps incorporate a microtextured grip. This ensures a secure hold, minimizing the risk of slippage, and providing surgeons with confidence in delicate tissue handling.

  • Integrated Measurement Scale: A discreet yet valuable feature, the integrated measurement scale aids surgeons in gauging the depth and dimensions of tissues. This quantitative indicator supports meticulous planning and execution of surgical interventions.


  • Surgical Precision: The ultra-fine tips and microtextured grip collectively contribute to surgical precision, allowing for intricate maneuvers with minimal tissue trauma. Surgeons can navigate challenging procedures with heightened accuracy.

  • Enhanced Control: The microtextured grip and ergonomic design empower surgeons with enhanced control. This feature is particularly beneficial in surgeries that demand delicate adjustments and fine-tuned movements.

  • Efficient Measurement Capability: The integrated measurement scale adds an extra layer of efficiency to surgical procedures. Surgeons can gauge and record precise measurements, facilitating meticulous planning and execution.

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