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3 x  Microtrack Nightangle Capsule Polishing Curette - 1.75mm MS-49015

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3 x Microtrack Nightangle Capsule Polishing Curette - 1.75mm MS-49015


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1 x Instrument

Description: Elevate your ophthalmic surgical toolkit with the Microtrack Nightangle Capsule Polishing Curette, a breakthrough instrument meticulously engineered to redefine precision in cataract surgery. Informed by cutting-edge research and the latest technological innovations, this curette ensures unparalleled efficacy in anterior segment procedures.

Key Features:

  • Curved Design for Superior Access: The Nightangle Capsule Polishing Curette features a thoughtfully curved design, enhancing access to the posterior capsule. This curvature, based on biomechanical studies, allows surgeons to navigate the intricacies of the eye with optimal reach and control, ensuring thorough polishing in challenging anatomical spaces.

  • Medical-Grade Titanium Construction: Crafted from medical-grade titanium, this curette combines strength with biocompatibility. The titanium construction provides durability, essential for repeated sterilization cycles, and minimizes the risk of allergic reactions, ensuring patient safety.

  • Diamond-Dusted Tip: The curette boasts a diamond-dusted tip, leveraging the exceptional hardness of diamonds for precise and efficient polishing. This innovative feature, inspired by advancements in abrasive technology, facilitates meticulous removal of residual lens epithelial cells, contributing to improved visual outcomes for patients.


  • Enhanced Posterior Capsule Polishing: Surgeons can achieve superior posterior capsule polishing with the Nightangle Curette, thanks to its purposeful design and diamond-dusted tip. This enhances the safety and efficacy of cataract surgeries, reducing the risk of posterior capsule opacification and enhancing long-term visual results.

  • Reduced Procedure Time: The Nightangle Curette's design and construction contribute to efficient and streamlined surgical procedures. Surgeons can navigate the posterior capsule with precision, reducing the time spent on polishing and promoting overall procedural efficiency.

  • Optimal Biocompatibility: The medical-grade titanium ensures optimal biocompatibility, minimizing the risk of adverse reactions. This is particularly crucial in ophthalmic surgeries, where the delicate nature of ocular tissues demands materials that prioritize patient safety without compromising instrument performance.

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