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3 x  Microtrack Mueller Lacrimal Sac Retractor MS-10010

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3 x Microtrack Mueller Lacrimal Sac Retractor MS-10010


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HSN: 90189025

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1 x Instrument

Description: Welcome to a new era of precision in lacrimal surgery with the Microtrack Mueller Lacrimal Sac Retractor. Engineered for meticulous control and surgical finesse, this instrument represents the pinnacle of advancements in lacrimal sac retraction technology. Immerse yourself in a seamless surgical experience, where every movement is guided by precision, and every procedure is marked by excellence.

Key Features:

  • Micro-Surgical Precision: The Mueller Lacrimal Sac Retractor embodies micro-surgical precision, allowing surgeons to navigate the delicate lacrimal anatomy with unparalleled accuracy. This precision is essential for procedures such as dacryocystorhinostomy, ensuring optimal outcomes and reduced patient recovery time.

  • Articulating Retraction System: Featuring an articulating retraction system, this instrument provides surgeons with dynamic control over the lacrimal sac exposure. The articulation mechanism allows for precise adjustments, accommodating diverse patient anatomies and ensuring optimal visibility during surgery.

  • Quantitative Depth Control: A quantitative depth control mechanism empowers surgeons to customize the retraction depth according to the unique characteristics of each patient. This ensures that the lacrimal sac is accessed with the utmost accuracy, contributing to successful surgical interventions.


  • Enhanced Surgical Control: Surgeons can experience heightened control over lacrimal sac retraction, facilitating meticulous and error-free procedures. The instrument's design prioritizes stability and precision, ultimately leading to enhanced surgical control and reduced procedural complexities.

  • Versatile Application: The articulating retraction system makes this instrument suitable for a range of lacrimal surgeries, including those involving challenging anatomies. Surgeons can confidently adapt the retraction angle to address specific patient needs, ensuring versatility in application.

  • Improved Patient Outcomes: The combination of micro-surgical precision and quantitative depth control results in improved patient outcomes. Reduced trauma to surrounding tissues, coupled with optimal exposure, contributes to quicker recovery times and overall enhanced postoperative results.

Sold by Microtrack Surgicals & fulfilled byMedikabazaar

Country of OriginIndia