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3 x  Microtrack Membrane Peeler MS-52025

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3 x Microtrack Membrane Peeler MS-52025


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Description: Introducing the Microtrack Membrane Peeler—an avant-garde instrument meticulously designed for surgeons at the forefront of ophthalmic advancements. Born from a synthesis of cutting-edge research and technical innovation, this membrane peeler sets a new standard for precision in vitreoretinal surgery. Built on a foundation of expertise and informed by quantitative performance indicators, this instrument embodies the pinnacle of surgical excellence.

Key Features:

  • Quantitative Traction Control: The Microtrack Membrane Peeler boasts unparalleled traction control, precisely quantified to optimize membrane peeling. Utilizing advanced technology, surgeons can achieve the perfect balance of controlled force, reducing the risk of iatrogenic damage and ensuring a meticulous membrane peeling process.

  • Microgeometry Enhanced Tips: Engineered with microgeometry enhanced tips, this peeler excels in delicacy and precision. The ultra-fine tips provide surgeons with the ability to navigate intricate membrane layers with utmost accuracy, enhancing the overall efficacy of vitreoretinal procedures.

  • Integrated Illumination System: Enhancing visibility in the surgical field, the integrated illumination system of the membrane peeler ensures optimal lighting conditions. This feature is meticulously designed to illuminate the target area, offering surgeons an unobstructed view during membrane peeling procedures.


  • Precision Beyond Conventional Methods: Surgeons benefit from a level of precision beyond conventional methods, thanks to the quantitative traction control and microgeometry enhanced tips. The Microtrack Membrane Peeler empowers surgeons to navigate complex vitreoretinal scenarios with confidence, ensuring superior patient outcomes.

  • Reduced Procedural Time: The instrument's design and advanced features contribute to streamlined procedures. With enhanced control and visibility, surgeons can perform membrane peeling with efficiency, ultimately reducing procedural time and minimizing patient exposure to surgical stress.

  • Minimized Trauma, Maximized Healing: The combination of quantitative traction control and microgeometry enhanced tips results in minimized trauma during membrane peeling. This not only reduces the risk of complications but also promotes faster postoperative healing, aligning with the highest standards of patient care.

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