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3 x  Microtrack Lester Lens Hook - Angled MS-48081

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3 x Microtrack Lester Lens Hook - Angled MS-48081


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1 x Instrument

Description: Introducing the Microtrack Lester Lens Hook, a precision instrument engineered to elevate the intricacies of ophthalmic surgeries. Informed by cutting-edge research and technical expertise, this lens hook stands as a testament to unparalleled precision in lens manipulation.

Key Features:

  • Ultra-Fine Hook Tip: The Lester Lens Hook boasts an ultra-fine hook tip, validated through quantitative assessments, ensuring delicate and controlled lens maneuvering. This design, supported by clinical research, minimizes the risk of trauma and enhances the surgeon's ability to navigate challenging procedures with finesse.

  • Micro-Serrations for Enhanced Grip: Integrated micro-serrations along the hook facilitate a secure grip on the lens during manipulation. Quantitative indicators of grip strength confirm the reliability of the Lester Lens Hook, offering surgeons confidence in managing various lens types with ease.

  • Medical-Grade Titanium Construction: Crafted from medical-grade titanium, this lens hook undergoes stringent quantitative material testing. It ensures exceptional strength, corrosion resistance, and optimal biocompatibility, meeting the rigorous demands of ophthalmic surgeries.


  • Precision Lens Manipulation: The ultra-fine hook tip allows surgeons to precisely manipulate intraocular lenses, contributing to optimal positioning and alignment. Quantitative assessments confirm the reliability of this instrument, ensuring consistent and controlled lens maneuvers.

  • Enhanced Grip for Versatility: Micro-serrations provide an enhanced grip on lenses of varying materials, sizes, and complexities. Surgeons benefit from the versatility of the Lester Lens Hook, supported by quantitative grip strength indicators, ensuring confidence in lens manipulation across diverse surgical scenarios.

  • Biocompatible and Durable: Crafted from medical-grade titanium, this lens hook combines biocompatibility and durability. Quantitative material assessments guarantee its long-term reliability, making it an indispensable tool for ophthalmic surgeons seeking excellence in lens manipulation.

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