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3 x  Microtrack Knolle Iris Hook - Very Blunt Straight MS-48085

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3 x Microtrack Knolle Iris Hook - Very Blunt Straight MS-48085


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1 x Instrument

Description: Elevate your precision in ophthalmic surgeries with the Microtrack Knolle Iris Hook—an instrument meticulously crafted to meet the exacting standards of eye surgeons. This specialized tool is designed for delicate manipulations during anterior segment surgeries, ensuring optimal outcomes with every use.

Key Features:

  • Precision Contour Design: The Microtrack Knolle Iris Hook boasts a precision contour design that facilitates controlled iris manipulation. Inspired by the latest advancements in ocular surgery, this design minimizes the risk of tissue trauma, making it an indispensable tool for intricate procedures.

  • Quantitatively Engineered Handle: The instrument features a quantitatively engineered handle, providing surgeons with precise feedback on applied force. This innovation enables surgeons to maintain a delicate touch, crucial in anterior segment surgeries where meticulous control over instruments is paramount.

  • Ultrafine Tip Geometry: The ultrafine tip geometry of the Microtrack Knolle Iris Hook allows for micro-level manipulations with exceptional dexterity. The tips are engineered to gently retract and position the iris, providing surgeons with the finesse required for optimal visual and anatomical outcomes.


  • Enhanced Surgical Control: Surgeons using the Microtrack Knolle Iris Hook experience enhanced control during anterior segment surgeries. The instrument's design, coupled with the quantitatively engineered handle, ensures that surgeons can navigate delicate anatomical structures with the utmost precision.

  • Reduced Tissue Trauma: The precision contour design and ultrafine tip geometry contribute to reduced tissue trauma, particularly in iris-related procedures. This focus on minimizing trauma aligns with the latest research in ophthalmic surgery, promoting quicker patient recovery and improved postoperative outcomes.

  • Versatile Application: The versatility of the Microtrack Knolle Iris Hook extends its application beyond standard procedures, making it an indispensable tool in various anterior segment surgeries. Surgeons can confidently rely on its performance across a spectrum of ophthalmic interventions.

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