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3 x  Microtrack Kirby Lens Expressor - Hook & Loop MS-36052

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3 x Microtrack Kirby Lens Expressor - Hook & Loop MS-36052


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1 x Instrument

Description: Immerse yourself in the pinnacle of surgical precision with the Microtrack Kirby Lens Expressor, an instrument meticulously engineered to elevate cataract extraction procedures. Designed with the discerning eye surgeon in mind, this instrument sets new standards for accuracy and control in lens manipulation.

Key Features:

  • Variable Compression Control: The Microtrack Kirby Lens Expressor introduces an innovative variable compression control mechanism, allowing surgeons to precisely modulate the pressure applied during lens expression. This feature, backed by quantitative indicators, enhances surgical control and minimizes the risk of trauma to delicate ocular structures.

  • Atraumatic Lens Grasping: The expressor is equipped with specially designed atraumatic tips that securely grasp the lens without causing damage. This feature is informed by extensive research on lens manipulation techniques, ensuring the gentle yet effective expression of the lens during cataract surgery.

  • Micro-Grooved Texture: The instrument's grasping tips feature a micro-grooved texture, enhancing grip and reducing the likelihood of slippage. This surface modification, inspired by the latest advancements in surgical ergonomics, ensures a secure hold on the lens, even in challenging surgical scenarios.


  • Precision in Cataract Extraction: Surgeons using the Microtrack Kirby Lens Expressor benefit from unparalleled precision in cataract extraction. The variable compression control, combined with atraumatic lens grasping, enables surgeons to tailor their approach based on individual patient anatomy, contributing to optimized surgical outcomes.

  • Minimized Trauma to Ocular Structures: The atraumatic tips and micro-grooved texture work synergistically to minimize trauma to ocular structures. This focus on safety is particularly crucial in lens expression, where delicate tissues demand the utmost care to preserve visual function and promote rapid postoperative recovery.

  • Enhanced Surgical Efficiency: With its advanced features, the Microtrack Kirby Lens Expressor streamlines cataract extraction procedures, contributing to enhanced surgical efficiency. Surgeons can confidently navigate the intricacies of lens manipulation, reducing operative time and promoting a smoother surgical workflow.

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