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3 x  Microtrack Bunge Evisceration Spoon - 1 MS-31020

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3 x Microtrack Bunge Evisceration Spoon - 1 MS-31020


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1 x Instrument

Description: The Microtrack Bunge Evisceration Spoon stands at the forefront of precision surgical instrumentation, meticulously designed to elevate the efficiency and outcomes of evisceration procedures. Crafted with the utmost technical expertise, this instrument ensures a seamless and controlled approach to ocular evisceration, exemplifying innovation in ophthalmic surgery.

Key Features:

  1. Microtrack Spoon Tip: The Bunge Evisceration Spoon features a Microtrack Spoon Tip, uniquely engineered to enhance tissue manipulation and removal during evisceration procedures. This specialized tip design facilitates optimal access to intraocular structures, ensuring a smooth and controlled surgical process.

  2. Integrated Depth Gauge: The instrument incorporates an integrated depth gauge, providing surgeons with quantitative indicators for precise depth measurement during evisceration. This feature enhances procedural accuracy and allows for tailored interventions based on individual patient requirements.

  3. Quantified Tissue Grasping Force: Rigorous testing includes quantified indicators of tissue grasping force, allowing surgeons to assess and control the spoon's performance. This quantification ensures consistent and reliable tissue manipulation, critical for achieving optimal outcomes in evisceration surgeries.


  1. Enhanced Tissue Manipulation: The Microtrack Spoon Tip enables enhanced tissue manipulation, allowing surgeons to navigate intraocular structures with unparalleled precision. This feature contributes to improved procedural efficiency and positive patient outcomes.

  2. Accurate Depth Measurement: The integrated depth gauge provides accurate measurements, empowering surgeons with essential information for precise evisceration procedures. This feature enhances surgical planning and contributes to optimal tissue removal.

  3. Consistent Tissue Grasping: Quantified indicators of tissue grasping force ensure consistent performance, allowing surgeons to rely on the spoon's reliability throughout the evisceration process. This consistency is essential for maintaining surgical precision and achieving optimal outcomes.

Sold by Microtrack Surgicals & fulfilled byMedikabazaar