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Micro Mega One G NiTi Rotary Files - 25mm (Blister Pack of 5)

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Micro Mega One G NiTi Rotary Files - 25mm (Blister Pack of 5)



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Blister Pack of 5

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1 x Pack of 5 Files

Description: Micro Mega One G NiTi Rotary Files, presented in a Blister Pack of 5, represent a pinnacle in endodontic instrumentation. Meticulously engineered with NiTi technology, these rotary files exemplify precision, efficiency, and durability. Designed for optimal shaping and cleaning of root canals, the Micro Mega One G files ensure a seamless endodontic workflow, allowing practitioners to achieve predictable and successful outcomes.

Key Features:

  1. NiTi Technology: Crafted from Nickel Titanium (NiTi), the files exhibit superior flexibility and resistance to cyclic fatigue, ensuring durability and longevity during endodontic procedures.

  2. Optimized Taper and Design: The files feature an optimized taper and design, enhancing their ability to efficiently shape and clean root canals, allowing for precise instrumentation.

  3. Thermally Treated for Strength: The files undergo thermal treatment to enhance their strength, providing practitioners with confidence in the files' ability to navigate and shape curved canals effectively.

  4. Color-Coded Identification: Each file is color-coded for easy identification of size and taper, streamlining the selection process and ensuring accuracy in clinical use.

  5. Blister Pack Convenience: Packaged in a blister pack of 5, the files offer convenience, allowing practitioners to maintain an organized and efficient inventory of endodontic instruments.


  1. Predictable Performance: NiTi technology ensures the files' flexibility and resistance to cyclic fatigue, contributing to predictable and consistent performance in root canal shaping.

  2. Efficient Root Canal Preparation: The optimized taper and design of Micro Mega One G files enhance their efficiency in shaping and cleaning root canals, contributing to effective endodontic treatment.

  3. Durability Under Stress: The thermal treatment enhances the files' strength, providing durability under stress and ensuring reliable performance in challenging clinical situations.

  4. User-Friendly Identification: The color-coded system simplifies file identification, allowing practitioners to quickly select the appropriate file size and taper during endodontic procedures.

  5. Inventory Management: The blister pack packaging offers practicality in maintaining an organized inventory of endodontic files, ensuring easy access and usage in the dental practice.

Ease of use and simplified instrument management

  • Ready-to-use and discarded file after use
  • Well-known and recognized instrumental dynamics (in and out movement)


  • One single instrument to save time for the complete endodontic treatment
  • Active file which removes part of the organic canal content


  • Smooth progression, excellent ability to negotiate curves, particularly in thin and curved canals
  • Resistance to instrument breakage and unwinding Less risk of endodontic errors (creation of ledge, false canal, canal transportation, etc.)
  • Infection risk control thanks to the sterile blister

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