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Micro Mega 2Shape Refills NiTi Rotary Files - 21mm TS1

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Micro Mega 2Shape Refills NiTi Rotary Files - 21mm TS1



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21mm TS1






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1 x 6 Files

Description: Micro Mega 2Shape Refills NiTi Rotary Files represent a cutting-edge solution in endodontic instrumentation, designed to optimize efficiency and precision during root canal procedures. These NiTi rotary file refills are meticulously crafted to seamlessly integrate into the Micro Mega 2Shape system, offering dental professionals an advanced tool for shaping and cleaning root canals.

Key Features:

  1. NiTi Rotary Technology for Flexibility and Efficiency: The files are constructed with Nickel Titanium (NiTi) rotary technology, providing flexibility and enhancing the efficiency of root canal instrumentation. This technology allows for smooth and controlled movement within the canal, optimizing the shaping process.

  2. 2Shape System Compatibility for Seamless Integration: Designed to be compatible with the Micro Mega 2Shape system, these refills seamlessly integrate into the existing instrumentation setup. This compatibility ensures consistent and reliable performance within the established endodontic protocol.

  3. Multiple Sizes for Versatile Application: The Micro Mega 2Shape Refills are available in multiple sizes, allowing for versatile application in various root canal anatomies. Dental professionals can choose the appropriate size based on the specific requirements of each case, ensuring precise and tailored treatment.


  1. Efficient Shaping with NiTi Rotary Technology: The NiTi rotary technology enhances the efficiency of root canal shaping, allowing for controlled and effective instrumentation. This feature is crucial for achieving optimal canal preparation and ensuring successful endodontic outcomes.

  2. Seamless Integration into 2Shape System: The compatibility with the Micro Mega 2Shape system ensures seamless integration into established endodontic procedures. Dental professionals can trust that these refills will work cohesively with the existing instrumentation for a streamlined root canal process.

  3. Versatility for Different Root Canal Anatomies: The availability of multiple sizes provides versatility for addressing various root canal anatomies. Dental practitioners can choose the appropriate file size to suit the specific dimensions of each canal, promoting precision in canal preparation.

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