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Metro Orthodontics Bondable Lingual Cleats Lingual Attachment

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Metro Orthodontics Bondable Lingual Cleats Lingual Attachment



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HSN: 90189029

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10 x Bondable Lingual Cleats


Metro Orthodontics Bondable Lingual Cleats Lingual Attachments are advanced orthodontic appliances designed to provide discreet and effective anchorage for lingual orthodontic treatments. Crafted with precision from high-quality materials, these cleats offer a reliable means of attachment to the lingual surfaces of teeth, facilitating controlled tooth movement without compromising aesthetics. Their low-profile design and customizable nature make them an ideal choice for patients seeking inconspicuous orthodontic solutions.

Key Features:

  1. Precision Engineering for Optimal Bonding: The lingual cleats are meticulously engineered to ensure precise adaptation and secure bonding to the lingual surfaces of teeth. This design feature enhances the reliability and stability of anchorage, enabling controlled tooth movement throughout the treatment process.

  2. Low-Profile and Discreet Design: With a low-profile design, these lingual attachments offer minimal interference with speech and oral hygiene, ensuring patient comfort and convenience. Their discreet nature makes them virtually invisible to others, catering to the aesthetic preferences of patients seeking inconspicuous orthodontic treatment options.

  3. Customizable for Individual Patient Needs: The lingual cleats are customizable to accommodate the unique anatomical features and treatment objectives of each patient. Orthodontists can tailor the size and configuration of the cleats to optimize their performance and ensure optimal treatment outcomes.

  4. Durable and Biocompatible Materials: Constructed from high-quality and biocompatible materials, these lingual cleats offer durability and long-term stability. Their composition ensures compatibility with oral tissues, minimizing the risk of adverse reactions and promoting patient comfort throughout the treatment duration.


  1. Effective Anchorage and Tooth Control: Metro Orthodontics Bondable Lingual Cleats provide reliable anchorage for lingual orthodontic treatments, enabling orthodontists to exert precise control over tooth movement. This promotes the achievement of desired treatment outcomes with accuracy and efficiency.

  2. Discreet Treatment Option: The low-profile design and inconspicuous placement of lingual attachments offer patients a discreet orthodontic solution that minimizes the visibility of appliances during treatment. This enhances patient confidence and satisfaction with their orthodontic experience.

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Country of OriginIndia
BrandMetro Orthodontics
TypeBondable Lingual Cleats Lingual Attachment
ApplicationOrthodontic treatment for dental alignment
ManufacturerMetro Orthodontics