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Metro Orthodontics Archwire Stopper Orthodontic Attachment

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Metro Orthodontics Archwire Stopper Orthodontic Attachment



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HSN: 90189029

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10 x Archwire Stopper

Description: The Archwire, an orthodontic linchpin, transforms tooth alignment through innovative design. Crafted from a cutting-edge nickel-titanium alloy, it seamlessly integrates into diverse treatment plans. Rigorous ANSI/ADA-compliant testing guarantees unparalleled tensile strength and shape memory, pivotal for precise tooth movement. Aligned with leading research, this archwire ensures optimal force delivery and deformation resistance, promising enduring performance. A testament to cutting-edge engineering, the Archwire signifies unwavering commitment to orthodontic excellence.

Key Features:

  1. Nickel-Titanium Alloy: Crafted for orthodontic precision, the Archwire boasts resilience, durability, and controlled flexibility, thanks to its superior nickel-titanium alloy construction.

  2. Tensile Strength Assurance: Rigorously tested to ANSI/ADA standards, the Archwire ensures robust tensile strength, instilling confidence in its ability to withstand varying forces during treatment.

  3. Shape Memory Technology: Validated by research papers, the Archwire's innovative shape memory technology guarantees consistent force application, essential for efficient and predictable tooth movement.


  1. Precision in Tooth Movement: Experience precise and controlled tooth movement with the Archwire's research-backed shape memory technology, optimizing treatment outcomes.

  2. Longevity and Reliability: As a reliable investment, the Archwire's unparalleled tensile strength and resistance to deformation promise longevity and sustained performance.

  3. Versatility in Treatment Plans: Proven in research studies, the Archwire's nickel-titanium composition enhances treatment customization, catering to a broad spectrum of orthodontic cases.

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