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Metro Orthodontics 100 grams Hard Stainless Steel Orthodontic Wires - 19 Guage

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Metro Orthodontics 100 grams Hard Stainless Steel Orthodontic Wires - 19 Guage



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1 x 100gms Wires

Description: Orthodontic wires are crucial components in orthodontic treatment, used to apply forces to teeth for the purpose of tooth movement and alignment. The term "Metro Orthodontics" suggests a brand or manufacturer, and "100 grams Hard Stainless Steel Orthodontic Wires" indicates a specific type of orthodontic wire.

Key Features:

  1. Material: Stainless steel is a common material for orthodontic wires due to its strength, durability, and biocompatibility.

  2. Hardness Level: The term "Hard" suggests that the orthodontic wires have a higher stiffness, which can be suitable for certain orthodontic treatment needs.

  3. Weight: The mention of "100 grams" likely refers to the weight of the orthodontic wire, which is a standard measure used in packaging.


  1. Orthodontic Treatment: Hard stainless steel wires are often used in orthodontic treatment to apply controlled forces to move and align teeth.

  2. Various Dental Cases: The "Hard" designation may be suitable for specific cases where increased force or resistance is required.


  1. Strength and Durability: Stainless steel provides the necessary strength and durability for orthodontic wires to withstand the forces applied during treatment.

  2. Controlled Force: The hardness level determines the flexibility and resistance of the wire, allowing for controlled and effective force application.

  3. Biocompatibility: Stainless steel is generally well-tolerated by the oral tissues, ensuring biocompatibility during extended wear.

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