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Meta Biomed ISO Standard Colour Coded 2% Gutta Percha Points - Assorted (15-40)

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Meta Biomed ISO Standard Colour Coded 2% Gutta Percha Points - Assorted (15-40)



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Assorted (15-40)

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1 x 120 Gutta Percha Points


Meta Biomed ISO Standard Colour Coded 2% Gutta Percha Points are small, tapered cones made from gutta-percha, a natural rubber material. They are used in root canal treatments to fill and seal the cleaned and shaped root canals, preventing the entry of bacteria and other contaminants and promoting healing and restoration of the tooth.

Key Features:

ISO Standard and Color Coding: These gutta-percha points are designed and color-coded according to the ISO standard. The color-coding system helps dental professionals quickly identify the size of each point, making the selection process efficient and accurate.

2% Gutta Percha: The 2% gutta-percha composition is a standard and widely used material in endodontics. It offers the right balance of pliability and rigidity, making it suitable for obturating root canals effectively.

Tapered Design: The gutta-percha points are tapered, allowing for better adaptation to the shape of the root canals and the sealing of irregularities in the canal space.

Precision and Fit: These gutta-percha points are manufactured with precision to provide a snug fit within the root canal. The tight seal helps prevent the re-entry of microorganisms and promotes successful root canal therapy.

Variety of Sizes: Meta Biomed ISO Standard Colour Coded 2% Gutta Percha Points are available in various sizes to match the dimensions of different root canals and tooth types.

Disposable and Single-Use: Gutta-percha points are typically used on a per-patient, per-procedure basis. After use, they are disposed of to prevent cross-contamination and maintain a high level of infection control.

Compatibility: These gutta-percha points are designed to be compatible with a wide range of endodontic obturation systems, ensuring versatility in dental practice.

Radiopacity: Gutta-percha points often have radiopaque properties, allowing them to be visible on dental X-rays. This feature helps dental professionals confirm the proper placement of the gutta-percha within the root canal.

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