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Meril Meriscreen Pf/PAN Malaria Rapid Card - Pack of 30 Tests (RPDMFP-01)

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Meril Meriscreen Pf/PAN Malaria Rapid Card - Pack of 30 Tests (RPDMFP-01)


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Pack of 30 Tests

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30 x Tests

Expiry: 30 May 2024


The Meril Meriscreen Pf/PAN Malaria Rapid Card sets a new standard in diagnostic accuracy, providing physicians with a reliable tool for the swift and precise identification of malaria infections. Leveraging cutting-edge immunochromatographic technology, this diagnostic marvel ensures optimal sensitivity and specificity in detecting both Plasmodium falciparum (Pf) and Plasmodium vivax (PAN) antigens.

Key Features:

  1. Dual Antigen Detection: The Meril Meriscreen Rapid Card distinguishes itself by simultaneously detecting Pf and PAN antigens, enhancing diagnostic precision and enabling a comprehensive assessment of malaria infections.

  2. Ultra-Sensitive Detection Limits: Engineered with a keen focus on sensitivity, this diagnostic tool boasts an impressive low detection limit, ensuring accurate identification even in cases of low parasitemia, contributing to early and precise patient management.

  3. Rapid Turnaround Time: With a rapid test execution time of under 20 minutes, the Meriscreen Rapid Card facilitates timely decision-making, crucial in the prompt initiation of appropriate antimalarial interventions.

  4. User-Friendly Design: The user-centric design of the test card simplifies the diagnostic process, requiring minimal training. Its intuitive interface and clear result interpretation make it an invaluable asset in resource-constrained healthcare settings.


  1. Improved Patient Outcomes: By virtue of its exceptional sensitivity, the Meril Meriscreen Pf/PAN Malaria Rapid Card aids clinicians in accurate and early diagnosis, contributing to improved patient outcomes and reduced morbidity associated with malaria.

  2. Efficient Resource Utilization: The rapid turnaround time and user-friendly design of the test card streamline diagnostic workflows, allowing healthcare providers to optimize resources and focus on timely patient care.

  3. Enhanced Epidemiological Surveillance: Deploying state-of-the-art technology, this diagnostic tool plays a pivotal role in malaria surveillance efforts. Its accurate and swift results empower healthcare professionals to respond effectively to outbreaks and implement targeted intervention strategies.

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