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10 x  Medigraph ECG Thermal Paper - 55mm x 20m

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10 x Medigraph ECG Thermal Paper - 55mm x 20m


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1 x ECG Paper Roll


Medigraph ECG Thermal Paper, meticulously engineered for precision and compatibility, is the quintessential consumable for modern electrocardiography. Specifically designed to integrate seamlessly with the BPL ECG machines, this thermal paper assures exceptional print quality and clarity, providing a comprehensive foundation for cardiac diagnostics. Crafted with technical expertise, it exemplifies the commitment to accuracy that medical professionals demand in their diagnostic tools.

Key Features:

  • Machine-Specific Optimization: Tailored for BPL ECG machines, Medigraph ECG Thermal Paper ensures precise alignment, guaranteeing accurate waveform representations and measurements for nuanced cardiac evaluations.
  • Thermal Stability: Demonstrating superior thermal stability, this paper maintains consistency in print quality across a spectrum of operating temperatures, crucial for reliable diagnostic interpretations.
  • Grid Precision: The finely calibrated grid design enhances the accuracy of measurements, allowing healthcare practitioners to extract detailed information from ECG waveforms with quantifiable precision.
  • Anti-Static Coating: Equipped with an anti-static coating, this thermal paper minimizes interference, preserving the integrity of recordings and reducing the likelihood of artifacts that could impact diagnostic accuracy.


  • Diagnostic Confidence: Medigraph ECG Thermal Paper instills confidence in diagnostic assessments, providing doctors with consistently clear and accurate representations of cardiac activity.
  • Streamlined Workflow: Machine-specific optimization and grid precision simplify the diagnostic workflow, allowing medical professionals to focus on clinical interpretation without procedural complications.
  • Consistent Print Quality: Superior thermal stability and anti-static properties ensure clear and consistent print quality, optimizing the visualization of ECG data and minimizing the need for reprints.
  • Cost-Effective Excellence: By minimizing errors and repeat tests, this thermal paper offers a cost-effective solution, optimizing resources while upholding the highest standards of diagnostic performance.

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