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MDM Bite Registration Alu Dental Wax (In Stock. Swift Dispatch.)

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MDM Bite Registration Alu Dental Wax (In Stock. Swift Dispatch.)



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HSN: 34070090

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MDM Bite Registration Alu Dental Wax is a specialized dental product used for accurate and precise bite registration in dental procedures. This dental wax is made from high-quality aluminum material, ensuring reliability and consistency in dental impressions.

Key Features:

  • High-Quality Aluminum Material: Provides stability and durability during bite registration procedures.
  • Accurate Bite Registration: Offers precise impressions for accurate bite alignment.
  • Easy to Manipulate: Softens easily for manipulation and molding to achieve desired bite registration.
  • Versatile: Suitable for use in various dental procedures, including crown and bridge work, prosthetics, and orthodontics.
  • Non-Toxic: Safe for oral use, ensuring patient comfort and safety during dental procedures.


  • Precision: Helps dental professionals achieve precise and accurate bite registrations, leading to improved treatment outcomes.
  • Ease of Use: Easy-to-manipulate wax simplifies the bite registration process, saving time and effort for dental practitioners.
  • Reliability: High-quality aluminum material ensures consistent and reliable results in dental impressions.
  • Patient Comfort: Non-toxic composition ensures patient comfort and safety during dental procedures, minimizing any potential discomfort or allergic reactions.
  • Versatility: Suitable for a wide range of dental applications, providing versatility and convenience for dental practitioners.

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Country of OriginIndia
Product NameMDM Bite Registration Alu Dental Wax
Intended UsersDental practitioners, particularly dentists
MaterialAluminum-based dental wax formulated for bite registration procedures
CompatibilityCompatible with various dental impression materials and bite registration trays
CompositionAluminum-based composition for enhanced stability and accuracy in bite registration
Softening TemperatureSoftens at X°C (X°F) for easy manipulation and adaptation to patient's bite pattern
RigidityExhibits appropriate rigidity at room temperature to maintain bite registration accuracy during impression taking
Dimensional StabilityProvides excellent dimensional stability, minimizing distortion during storage and handling
ColorNeutral color for clear visualization and accurate bite registration
PackagingAvailable in convenient packaging options, such as rolls or pre-cut strips, for ease of use and storage
VersatilitySuitable for both traditional and digital bite registration techniques
BiocompatibilityBiocompatible formulation ensures patient safety and comfort during dental procedures
Clinical ValidationSupported by clinical studies demonstrating efficacy and reliability in bite registration procedures