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Mangal Professional Breath Alcohol Tester with Inbuilt Printer Data To Pc A30

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Mangal Professional Breath Alcohol Tester with Inbuilt Printer Data To Pc A30


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HSN: 90278090

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Description: Experience the pinnacle of precision in alcohol breath testing with the Mangal Professional Breath Alcohol Tester A30, specifically engineered for medical professionals seeking unparalleled accuracy and seamless data management. Meticulously designed with advanced features, this device integrates an inbuilt printer and data-to-PC functionality, setting a new standard in the field. Crafted to meet the demands of medical practitioners, the Mangal A30 is equipped with cutting-edge technology to redefine alcohol testing in clinical settings.

Key Features:

  1. Fuel Cell Sensor Technology: The Mangal A30 utilizes state-of-the-art fuel cell sensor technology, renowned for its clinical-grade accuracy in alcohol level assessments. This ensures reliable and precise results, empowering doctors with confidence in their evaluations.

  2. Inbuilt Printer: A built-in thermal printer enhances efficiency by providing instant, tangible results. Doctors can effortlessly generate on-the-spot reports, facilitating immediate discussions with patients and enabling timely intervention when required.

  3. Data-to-PC Connectivity: Seamlessly transfer test data to a computer for comprehensive record-keeping and analysis. The A30 ensures a streamlined workflow by allowing medical professionals to maintain detailed and secure records of alcohol assessments, fostering evidence-based decision-making.

  4. Quantitative Indicator Display: The device features a clear quantitative indicator display, providing doctors with real-time, numeric readings of blood alcohol concentration. This quantitative insight aids in precise diagnosis and enables doctors to tailor interventions based on individual patient needs.


  1. Enhanced Diagnostic Precision: The fuel cell sensor technology guarantees clinical-grade precision, allowing doctors to rely on accurate and consistent alcohol level assessments. This enhances diagnostic precision, supporting effective patient management.

  2. Efficient Reporting: The inbuilt printer facilitates immediate reporting, enabling doctors to share results with patients promptly. This feature contributes to a more efficient patient-doctor interaction, fostering communication and understanding.

  3. Digital Record-Keeping: With data-to-PC connectivity, medical professionals can maintain secure digital records of alcohol assessments. This not only ensures compliance with documentation standards but also enables longitudinal analysis for better patient care.

  4. User-Friendly Operation: The quantitative indicator display and intuitive controls make the Mangal A30 user-friendly for doctors. The device's design prioritizes ease of use, allowing medical professionals to focus on patient care rather than complex operational nuances.

Sold by MANGAL SECURITY PRODUCTS & fulfilled byMedikabazaar

Country of OriginIndia
Measurement ModeActive Mode and Passive Mode
Sensor typeFast Fuel Sensor
Display2.4 inch color TFT display
Mouth PiecesYes
Units%BAC, mg/L, mg/100ml BAC
Measurement Range(0-550) mg/100ml BAC
AccuracyRange (0-88) mg/100ml
± 4.4 mg/100mlRange(88-220)mg/100ml
± 5% absoluteRange > 220mg/100m
± 10% absoluteMeasurement Range
(0-2.5) mg/L BrACAccuracy
Range ( 0.00-0.40) mg/L± 0.020 mg/L
Range ( 0.40-1.00) mg/L± 5% absolute
Range > 1.00 mg/LRange > 1.00 mg/L
Pre Heating TimeAbout 5 sec
Operating Temp-5ºC – +50ºC
Condition pressure600-1400 hPa
Condition Humidity20-98% r.h.
Measurement timeMore than 1000 times testing
Power Save ModeAutomatic switch off after 2.5 minutes without use
Battery7.4V, 1300mAH rechargeable Li-ion battery
Device InterfaceUSB data can be transmitted to Printer or PC
Software ManagementPC Data Manager, data transmit and storage option
Dimension170mm x 70mm x 30mm
Weight125gm including battery
CalibrationEvery 6 months or defined by local government