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LIFEX Formalin Chamber - 14" X 8" X 6" 3.5mm

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LIFEX Formalin Chamber - 14" X 8" X 6" 3.5mm



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1 x Formalin Chamber

A formalin chamber is a sealed enclosure or room used for the safe storage and fumigation of biological specimens or materials with formaldehyde gas. Formaldehyde is a chemical disinfectant and preservative that is commonly used in laboratories, medical facilities, and other settings to preserve tissues, specimens, and anatomical samples for research, pathology, and educational purposes.

Product is made of Acrylic Sheet..


Tissue Preservation: Formalin chambers provide an enclosed space for the controlled and efficient preservation of biological tissues. The formaldehyde vapors released within the chamber help prevent tissue decomposition and maintain structural integrity.

Sterilization: The formalin fumes in the chamber act as a disinfectant, contributing to the sterilization of tools, equipment, and biological specimens placed inside. This helps reduce the risk of contamination during medical and laboratory procedures.

Long-Term Storage: Formalin chambers are suitable for long-term storage of specimens, ensuring that biological samples remain well-preserved over extended periods. This is particularly important for maintaining the integrity of tissues for histopathological examinations.

Safety Measures: These chambers are designed with safety features to prevent exposure to formaldehyde fumes. The enclosed design minimizes the risk to individuals handling the specimens, providing a controlled environment for the safe preservation and storage of biological samples.

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