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Levram Gel with Clot Activator Vacuum Blood Collection Tube - 5ml Pack of 100

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Levram Gel with Clot Activator Vacuum Blood Collection Tube - 5ml Pack of 100



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1x100 Tubes

**Key Features:**

**Serum Separation:** These tubes are equipped with a gel separator and clot activator, enabling the efficient separation of serum from blood cells during the centrifugation process. This crucial feature ensures the purity of serum samples, a vital aspect of diagnostic testing where accurate results are paramount.

**Optimal Sample Capacity:** With a generous 5ml capacity, these tubes are perfectly designed for collecting larger blood samples. This ample volume guarantees that you have an abundant supply of blood, catering to the requirements of a wide array of diagnostic tests, even those demanding larger samples.

**Efficient Vacuum Technology:** The incorporation of vacuum technology enhances the efficiency and consistency of sample collection for automated blood collection systems. This innovation ensures that samples are drawn accurately and reliably, reducing the risk of errors.

**Universal Compatibility:** Levram Gel with Clot Activator Tubes exhibit exceptional versatility by being compatible with various automated blood collection equipment commonly employed in laboratories. This compatibility streamlines their integration into the laboratory's workflow, accommodating diverse systems and processes.

**Uncompromising Quality:** Levram's commitment to quality is palpable in the meticulous craftsmanship of these tubes. They are engineered to meet and, in many cases, surpass industry standards, instilling unwavering confidence in the precision and reliability of your test results.


- Centrifugation Speed: 3500-4000 R/M

- Centrifugation Time: 5 minutes

- Pack Size: 100 pieces

- Tube Size: 5 ml

- Recommended Storage Temperature: 4-25°C

In summary, Levram Gel with Clot Activator Tubes, featuring a gel separator, clot activator, and vacuum technology, offer an efficient and dependable solution for blood sample collection and serum separation. Their substantial 5ml capacity, universal compatibility, and commitment to quality make them an indispensable asset in laboratories that require precision and efficiency in handling larger sample volumes while ensuring the purity of serum samples for diagnostic testing. Trust in Levram's dedication to quality and ensure the accuracy and integrity of your diagnostic results.

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