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Laparomed Straight Scissor SA FHP Dia 5mm Length 30cm LMSSS-05-30-01-SA

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Laparomed Straight Scissor SA FHP Dia 5mm Length 30cm LMSSS-05-30-01-SA


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1 x Scissor

Description: The Laparomed Straight Scissor with Single Action embodies precision and efficiency in laparoscopic surgeries, offering surgeons a reliable tool for precise tissue cutting. Meticulously designed with advanced technology and thoughtful craftsmanship, this specialized scissor provides a single-action mechanism for controlled cutting in a variety of laparoscopic procedures.

Key Features:

  1. Single Action Mechanism: The straight scissor features a single action mechanism, providing surgeons with a straightforward and efficient cutting tool. This mechanism ensures controlled and precise cutting, making it well-suited for various tissue types encountered in laparoscopic procedures.

  2. Biocompatible Construction: Crafted from high-quality biocompatible materials, the scissor prioritizes patient safety without compromising durability. These materials adhere to stringent medical standards, underscoring a commitment to both the surgeon's performance and the patient's well-being.

  3. Straight Blade Configuration: The scissor's straight blade configuration offers versatility in cutting various tissue types encountered in laparoscopic procedures. The straightforward design enhances the ease of use while maintaining precision, contributing to successful surgical interventions.


  1. Efficient Tissue Cutting: Surgeons utilizing the Laparomed Straight Scissor with Single Action experience efficient and controlled tissue cutting. The single action mechanism, combined with the straight blade configuration, ensures a straightforward cutting process, essential for streamlined laparoscopic procedures.

  2. Patient Safety Assurance: The scissor's biocompatible construction ensures patient safety by minimizing the risk of adverse reactions. Surgeons can confidently use this instrument, knowing it complies with the highest medical standards, fostering a secure surgical environment.

  3. Versatile Application: The straight blade configuration enhances the scissor's versatility, making it suitable for a wide range of tissue types encountered in laparoscopic surgeries. Surgeons benefit from a reliable tool that adapts to the demands of diverse surgical interventions.

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