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Laparomed Spiral Cannula for Dia 6mm Length 90mm (MAG) MCS-06-90

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Laparomed Spiral Cannula for Dia 6mm Length 90mm (MAG) MCS-06-90


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1 x Spiral Cannula


The Laparomed Trocar Spiral Cannula is a cutting-edge instrument designed to facilitate safe and efficient access to the abdominal cavity during laparoscopic procedures. Engineered with precision and innovation, this cannula features a spiral design that enhances tissue penetration while minimizing trauma, ensuring optimal surgical outcomes.

Key Features:

  1. Spiral Blade Design: The Trocar Spiral Cannula is equipped with a spiral blade design that allows for smooth and controlled tissue penetration. The spiral configuration reduces the force required for insertion, minimizing tissue trauma and enhancing patient comfort during entry.

  2. Sharp Tip: The cannula features a sharp, tapered tip that further enhances tissue penetration and facilitates precise placement. The sharp tip allows surgeons to navigate through layers of tissue with ease, ensuring accurate positioning and minimizing the risk of unintended damage.

  3. Secure Fixation: Once inserted, the Trocar Spiral Cannula provides secure fixation, preventing displacement during surgical procedures. This stability ensures consistent instrument positioning and maintains optimal pneumoperitoneum throughout the operation, enhancing procedural efficiency.


  1. Enhanced Safety: The spiral blade design of the cannula reduces the force required for insertion, minimizing the risk of tissue trauma and inadvertent injury to surrounding structures. This enhances patient safety and reduces the likelihood of postoperative complications.

  2. Improved Surgical Efficiency: With its sharp tip and spiral configuration, the Trocar Spiral Cannula allows for efficient and precise access to the abdominal cavity. Surgeons can perform procedures with confidence, knowing that they have reliable access and optimal visibility throughout the operation.

  3. Patient Comfort: The reduced tissue trauma associated with the spiral blade design and sharp tip promotes patient comfort during laparoscopic procedures. Patients experience less postoperative pain and discomfort, leading to faster recovery times and improved overall satisfaction.

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