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Laparomed Myomectomy Needle 5mm Length 30 cm MN-05-30

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Laparomed Myomectomy Needle 5mm Length 30 cm MN-05-30


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5mm x 17cm

5mm x 30cm

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1 x Myomectomy Screw

Description: The Laparomed Myomectomy Needle represents a pioneering solution in laparoscopic gynecological surgeries, specifically tailored for myomectomy procedures. This specialized needle combines advanced technology with precise design, providing surgeons with a dedicated tool for efficient suturing and tissue manipulation during myomectomy.

Key Features:

  1. Suturing Precision: The Myomectomy Needle is designed for exceptional suturing precision in myomectomy procedures. Its slender and carefully crafted profile allows surgeons to navigate intricate anatomical structures, ensuring secure closure and meticulous tissue manipulation.

  2. Biocompatible Construction: Crafted from high-quality biocompatible materials, the Myomectomy Needle prioritizes patient safety without compromising durability. These materials adhere to stringent medical standards, underscoring a commitment to both the surgeon's performance and the patient's well-being.

  3. Ergonomic Design for Surgeon Comfort: The needle's ergonomic design prioritizes surgeon comfort and dexterity. This thoughtful design minimizes hand fatigue, enabling sustained precision during prolonged myomectomy surgeries and contributing to overall procedural efficiency.


  1. Precise Suturing in Myomectomy: Surgeons utilizing the Laparomed Myomectomy Needle experience unparalleled precision in suturing during myomectomy procedures. The needle's design, combined with ergonomic considerations, empowers surgeons to achieve meticulous closure and tissue manipulation.

  2. Patient Safety Assurance: The needle's biocompatible construction ensures patient safety by minimizing the risk of adverse reactions. Surgeons can confidently utilize this instrument, knowing it complies with the highest medical standards, creating a secure surgical environment.

  3. Efficient Myomectomy Procedures: The Myomectomy Needle's design not only prioritizes precision but also contributes to optimized surgical workflow. Reduced hand fatigue allows for sustained focus and efficiency, crucial elements in achieving superior outcomes in laparoscopic myomectomy procedures.

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