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Laparomed Atraumatic Grasping Forcep Fenestrated Small Single Action AFS-05-30-03-SA

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Laparomed Atraumatic Grasping Forcep Fenestrated Small Single Action AFS-05-30-03-SA


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1 x Forcep

Description: The Laparomed Atraumatic Grasping Forcep Fenestrated Single Action represents a pinnacle of surgical instrumentation tailored for laparoscopic procedures. This meticulously crafted forcep boasts unparalleled precision and efficacy, designed to facilitate secure grasping and manipulation of tissues while minimizing trauma and tissue damage.

Key Features:

  1. Fenestrated Design: The forcep features a fenestrated design that ensures optimal tissue visualization and manipulation, allowing for precise grasping and dissection in intricate surgical sites.
  2. Single Action Mechanism: With a single-action mechanism, the forcep offers simplified operation and enhanced efficiency, enabling seamless tissue grasping and manipulation with minimal effort.
  3. Atraumatic Grasping: Engineered with a focus on atraumatic grasping, the forcep's design minimizes tissue trauma and damage during manipulation, contributing to improved patient outcomes and faster recovery.
  4. Ergonomic Handle: Designed with ergonomic handles for comfortable grip and precise control, the forcep reduces surgeon fatigue and enhances maneuverability during prolonged surgical procedures.
  5. Autoclavable Material: Constructed from high-quality, autoclavable materials, the forcep maintains its structural integrity and sterility through repeated sterilization cycles, ensuring reliability and longevity.


  • Precision Tissue Manipulation: The fenestrated design and atraumatic grasping mechanism enable precise tissue manipulation, allowing surgeons to achieve optimal surgical outcomes with minimal tissue trauma.
  • Simplified Operation: With its single-action mechanism, the forcep offers intuitive operation and enhanced efficiency, streamlining the surgical workflow and reducing procedural complexity.
  • Enhanced Patient Safety: By minimizing tissue trauma and damage, the forcep helps reduce postoperative complications and patient morbidity, promoting faster recovery and improved patient safety.
  • Surgeon Comfort and Control: The ergonomic handle design ensures comfortable grip and precise control, enhancing surgeon comfort and confidence during intricate laparoscopic procedures.
  • Cost-effective Solution: Made from durable, autoclavable materials, the forcep offers a cost-effective solution for surgical instrumentation needs, delivering long-lasting performance and value.

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