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2 x  Labtech K3 EDTA Non Vacuum Blood Collection Tube - 2ml Pack of 100 Pieces

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2 x Labtech K3 EDTA Non Vacuum Blood Collection Tube - 2ml Pack of 100 Pieces


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1x100 Tubes

Key Features:

  1. K3 EDTA Anticoagulant Technology: Labtech K3 EDTA Tubes are equipped with advanced K3 EDTA anticoagulant, which efficiently binds calcium ions in the blood, preventing coagulation by inhibiting the clotting cascade. This technology ensures the preservation of blood cell morphology and facilitates accurate hematological analysis.

  2. Non-Vacuum Design: The non-vacuum design of these blood collection tubes eliminates the need for additional vacuum systems, simplifying the blood collection process and reducing the risk of sample contamination or hemolysis. This user-friendly design enhances workflow efficiency and minimizes procedural errors during sample collection.

  3. Optimal Sample Volume: With a capacity of 2ml, these tubes provide ample space for blood sample collection, allowing for multiple analyses from a single specimen. The standardized volume ensures consistency in sample volume across different collections, facilitating accurate diagnostic testing.

  4. Transparent Construction: Labtech K3 EDTA Tubes feature transparent construction, allowing for easy visual inspection of blood specimens and ensuring sample integrity throughout the collection and transportation process. The clear visibility of the sample facilitates proper identification and reduces the likelihood of errors.

  5. Secure Cap Closure: Each tube is equipped with a secure cap closure mechanism that provides a leak-proof seal, preventing accidental spillage and ensuring sample containment during storage and transportation. The tight seal maintains sample integrity and minimizes the risk of cross-contamination.


  1. Accurate Hematological Analysis: The advanced K3 EDTA anticoagulant technology employed in these tubes ensures optimal preservation of blood cell morphology, enabling accurate hematological analysis. Healthcare professionals can rely on the integrity of the blood sample for precise diagnostic testing and interpretation.

  2. Enhanced Workflow Efficiency: The non-vacuum design and standardized volume of Labtech K3 EDTA Tubes streamline the blood collection process, reducing procedural complexity and enhancing workflow efficiency in clinical settings. This allows medical professionals to focus their time and resources on patient care.

  3. Cost-Effective Solution: With a pack of 100 pieces, these blood collection tubes offer a cost-effective solution for healthcare facilities, minimizing the need for frequent reordering and reducing overall procurement costs. The bulk packaging ensures ample supply for routine blood collection procedures.

  4. Versatile Compatibility: Labtech K3 EDTA Tubes are compatible with a wide range of blood collection systems and automated analyzers, offering versatility in laboratory settings. Healthcare professionals can confidently integrate these tubes into existing workflows, ensuring seamless sample processing and analysis.

  5. Compliance with Quality Standards: Manufactured in accordance with stringent quality standards, Labtech K3 EDTA Tubes meet the requirements of regulatory authorities and international guidelines for in vitro diagnostic devices. This ensures the reliability and reproducibility of test results, instilling confidence in healthcare providers and patients alike.

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