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Labomed LED Reverse Nosepiece Microscope - Binocular Box of 1 Unit (Lx-300-i LED)

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Labomed LED Reverse Nosepiece Microscope - Binocular Box of 1 Unit (Lx-300-i LED)


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Product Details

Description: The Labomed LED Reverse Nosepiece Microscope Lx-300-i LED is a state-of-the-art optical instrument designed for precise microscopy applications in laboratory settings

Key Features:

  1. Reverse Nosepiece Design: The microscope is equipped with a unique reverse nosepiece design, allowing for easy access to objective lenses and facilitating quick lens changes during microscopy examinations. This innovative feature enhances operational efficiency and workflow optimization in laboratory settings.

  2. Binocular Observation: Featuring a binocular viewing head, the microscope provides comfortable and ergonomic viewing for extended periods. The binocular configuration enables users to observe specimens with both eyes simultaneously, reducing eyestrain and fatigue during prolonged microscopy sessions.

  3. LED Illumination: Utilizing advanced LED illumination technology, the microscope offers bright and uniform lighting for clear specimen visualization. The LED light source ensures stable illumination with minimal heat generation, providing consistent lighting conditions for accurate microscopy examinations.

  4. High-Quality Optics: Built with precision optics, including high-quality lenses and prisms, the Labomed LED Reverse Nosepiece Microscope Lx-300-i LED delivers superior image quality and resolution. The optical components are designed to minimize aberrations and distortions, ensuring accurate representation of microscopic details.

  5. Adjustable Magnification: With adjustable magnification settings, ranging from low to high power, the microscope offers versatility for various microscopy applications. Users can easily adjust the magnification levels to examine specimens at different scales and resolutions, catering to diverse research and diagnostic needs.

  6. Sturdy Construction: Constructed with durable materials and robust mechanical components, the microscope is built to withstand the demands of daily laboratory use. Its sturdy frame and stable base provide reliable support, ensuring precise positioning and manipulation of specimens during microscopy examinations.


  1. Enhanced Versatility: The Labomed LED Reverse Nosepiece Microscope Lx-300-i LED offers enhanced functionality and versatility with its reverse nosepiece design, enabling quick and convenient lens changes. This feature enhances operational efficiency and workflow optimization, making it ideal for high-throughput microscopy applications.

  2. Superior Imaging: Equipped with high-quality optics and LED illumination, the microscope delivers clear and detailed imaging of specimens under observation. Researchers can examine microscopic structures with exceptional clarity and resolution, facilitating accurate interpretation and analysis.

  3. Efficient Workflow: The reverse nosepiece design streamlines microscopy procedures by allowing easy access to objective lenses, reducing the time required for lens changes and adjustments. This enhances laboratory productivity and efficiency, enabling researchers to focus on their work without interruptions.

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