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Kulzer Variotime Light Body Elastomeric Impression Material - Light Flow

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Kulzer Variotime Light Body Elastomeric Impression Material - Light Flow



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2 x 50ml Cartridges

Description: Kulzer Variotime Light Body, an advanced elastomeric impression material, redefines precision in dental procedures. The Light Flow variant is designed with meticulous attention to detail, offering practitioners unparalleled accuracy in capturing fine anatomical features for optimal restorative outcomes.

Key Features:

  1. Outstanding Hydrophilicity: Variotime Light Flow impresses with its exceptional hydrophilic properties, ensuring a reliable flow into critical areas and producing detailed impressions even in challenging clinical conditions.

  2. Thixotropic Formulation: The thixotropic nature of the material allows for controlled and precise application. It maintains stability during placement and exhibits fluidity when pressure is applied, contributing to uniform coverage and detailed impressions.

  3. Optimized Viscosity: The material features optimized viscosity, striking the ideal balance between flowability and stability. This characteristic facilitates efficient and controlled application during the impression-taking process.


  1. Precise Detail Reproduction: The outstanding hydrophilicity of Variotime Light Flow ensures precise detail reproduction, capturing fine margins and anatomical nuances essential for high-quality restorations.

  2. Controlled Application with Thixotropy: The thixotropic formulation enables controlled material application, ensuring that the material stays in place during placement while exhibiting fluidity under pressure. This contributes to accurate and controlled impressions.

  3. Efficient Workflow with Optimized Viscosity: The optimized viscosity of the material enhances workflow efficiency by providing practitioners with a material that flows smoothly during application and maintains stability for a reliable impression-taking process.

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