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Krish BOD Incubator - 90 Litres  Box of 1 Unit (KBD 90)

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Krish BOD Incubator - 90 Litres Box of 1 Unit (KBD 90)


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1 Main Unit

Description: Introducing the Krish BOD (Biochemical Oxygen Demand) Incubator—a sophisticated instrument designed for precise and controlled environmental conditions in biological and biochemical studies.

Key Features:

  1. Precise Temperature Control: The Krish BOD Incubator features a state-of-the-art temperature control system, ensuring precise regulation of the internal environment. This precision is crucial for experiments requiring specific temperature conditions for optimal biochemical and biological processes.

  2. Uniform Environment: Engineered for uniformity, the incubator maintains consistent temperature and humidity levels throughout its interior. This design minimizes temperature gradients, providing researchers with a stable and reliable environment for reproducible experimental outcomes.

  3. Advanced Monitoring and Controls: Equipped with advanced monitoring and control features, the incubator allows researchers to customize and monitor experimental parameters with ease. The intuitive interface enhances user experience, ensuring efficient operation and data collection.

  4. Low Energy Consumption: Designed for energy efficiency, the Krish BOD Incubator incorporates technologies that reduce energy consumption while maintaining optimal environmental conditions. This feature aligns with sustainable laboratory practices and contributes to cost-effectiveness.


  1. Optimal Conditions for Biological Studies: The precise temperature control and uniform environment of the incubator provide researchers with the ideal conditions for a wide range of biological studies, including microbial cultures, cell culture, and enzymatic reactions. This enhances the reliability and reproducibility of experimental results.

  2. Consistent Experimental Outcomes: The uniform temperature and humidity distribution contribute to consistent experimental outcomes, essential for biochemical and biological research. Researchers can trust the Krish BOD Incubator to provide a stable environment, minimizing variables that could impact results.

  3. Customizable Experimental Settings: The advanced monitoring and control features enable researchers to customize and fine-tune experimental settings according to the specific requirements of their studies. This adaptability enhances the versatility of the incubator across diverse laboratory applications.

  4. Sustainable and Cost-Effective Operation: The focus on low energy consumption aligns with sustainable laboratory practices, contributing to environmental conservation.

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