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Konica Regius Sigma II CR System(Accessories: Computer, Printer- Dry pro sigma, Soft wares, Cassettes-2)

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Konica Regius Sigma II CR System(Accessories: Computer, Printer- Dry pro sigma, Soft wares, Cassettes-2)


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Product Details

HSN: 90222100

Description: Introducing the Konica Regius Sigma II CR System, a sophisticated medical imaging solution tailored for small facilities and specific departments like emergency rooms. This lightweight and compact desktop-type CR system offers rich specifications to meet diverse imaging needs.

Key Features:

  • Desktop Mono-slot Reader:
    • Efficiently processes 25/45/60 plates per hour, ensuring a seamless workflow for medical imaging tasks.
  • Selectable Resolution:
    • Allows users to choose between 87.5 μm and 175 μm resolution, providing flexibility for varying diagnostic requirements.
  • Ultra Compact Design:
    • Occupies minimal space with a footprint of 0.31 m2 and weighs only 28 kg, making it suitable for environments with space constraints.
  • Environmentally Friendly:
    • Incorporates eco-friendly features, aligning with modern sustainability practices in healthcare technology.
  • Easy Maintenance:
    • Designed for easy upkeep, minimizing downtime and ensuring consistent performance.


  • Streamlined Imaging Workflow:
    • The desktop Mono-slot reader ensures a swift and streamlined process, supporting the efficiency of medical imaging tasks.
  • Customizable Resolution:
    • Selectable resolution options enable healthcare professionals to tailor image quality based on specific diagnostic needs.
  • Space-Efficient Solution:
    • The ultra-compact design addresses space limitations, making it an ideal choice for smaller facilities and specialized departments.
  • Sustainability Focus:
    • With environmentally friendly features, the CR system reflects a commitment to sustainable and responsible medical imaging practices.
  • Low Maintenance Requirements:
    • Easy maintenance enhances the system's reliability, contributing to uninterrupted and consistent performance in medical imaging.

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Country of OriginJapan
Cassette size14”x17”, 14”x14”, 11”x14”, 10”x12”, 8”x10” 18x24 cm, 24x30 cm, 15x30 cm
Sampling Pitch2 Types: 87.5μm / 175μm
Maximum Resolution4,020x4,892 (14”x17”, 87.5μm )
Digital Gradation Level4096 levels (12 bit)
Processing CapabilityUp to 60 plates / hour (14”x17”, 175μm )
SlotsInsertion / ejection slot x 1
Outer Dimensions / WeightW510 x D610 x H355mm / Approximately 28kg
Power Supply Conditions100VA max during operation: 20VA when not in use
Operating ConditionsTemperature : 10-30°C Humidity : 15-80% RH (No Condensation)
Readable CassetteREGIUS CASSETTE RC-300 14”x17”, 14”x14”, 11”x14”, 10”x12”, 8”x10”, 24x30cm, 18x24cm, 15x30cm
Readable PlateREGIUS PLATE FP-1S 14”x17”, 14”x14”, 11”x14”, 10”x12”, 8”x10”, 24x30cm, 18x24cm, 15x30cm